Donna ,
Thank goodness fate made sure I found you! I knew what needed to be done but needed to hear it from another ! You are that other! For the 1 time in over a year im okay with all I have been through & getting ready for what’s to come ! I hope I didn’t exhaust you! I will check back in a few months to let you know my progress ! Love & light! YA time means more then you know !

Newest number 1 fan ,
💕 Cora Lee !


The biggest thanks to you Donna u rock! If u have questions about ur path in life talk to her she is amazing!



Donna> thank you SO much for your card reading last night. It was not only empowering – it was so accurate. This morning has already been miraculous. What more can I say? Thank you! God bless

Patricia H


A big huge thank you to Donna for the reading! You truly are a blessing, you have helped me become at ease and feel more positive! I recommend anyone who needs, get in contact with this amazing woman. She can help you find the answers you seek! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

feeling blessed

Samantha L


Thank you thank you thank you, Donna for the wonderful reading , very accurate and to the ponit, specially about my husband’s family. I am so grateful and appreciate you. You are wonderful ❤



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