360 Days of Gratitude (Day 48) What does #Success mean to me?

FaithHMMM…Good question!

Questions like this are so complicated in the world we live in these days.  Some measure #Success…and that’s a good thing.  You need to know where you are going in order to see how far you’ve come.  But something’s can’t be measured…only felt.

You know I have been pondering what to write lately and I’ve been in a bit of a dry spell. It is a challenge…a grateful challenge. I write based on spiritual inspirations…or something that strikes me as interesting.  I have wrote, but nothing that really gave me goose pimples.  Oh well!  At least I tried…ego sometimes stands in the way of actual publishing though.

So back to topic…I’m sure that I’m not the only one asking themselves that question, but what does it mean to me and what would it take to create this “Success” energy everyday.

I guess that intention has a lot to do with that.  #Success doesn’t have to be this grand quest to find the last million dollars on the planet…although if you guys know of that quest…please give me the 411. LOL

#Success can be the little things that happen in the course of your day…you know the little things that matter.  Are you doing them? Did ya even notice? Are you staying mindful about where you are and what you are doing?

What would it take to be completely drunk in the moment and laugh hysterically at something stupid or better yet…make someone else laugh hysterically?  Something happens in my heart when I can do that for someone else!  It becomes alive with passion.  Awe yes passion!!

Passion is #Success on steroids!!!!  I love it when I see the perfect moment through the lens of my camera.  The picture above is one that I almost missed!!!  I was driving 75 miles an hour and wizzed past this beautiful moment.  Baby I turned around for a second look!!!! Passion is always knowing the magic is just around the corner…I love that!!!  I am (after all) always at the right place at the right time…yes that would be me!!!

#Success is…because you decide it to be so! 

Example:  I have been sitting in my garden and enjoying the spring day…trying to write this very blog and down my foot is a wasp.  He can’t fly.  We just had a big rain so maybe he got wet.  I don’t know, but as I watched him walk around my garden

He starts to climb my little ivy plant.  He was going from leaf to leaf and then he got stuck.  He was at the top of one group of leaves, but he didn’t want to be there and he seemed to be frantic.  He kept trying to get to this other group of leaves, but they were out of his reach and no matter what he did, he kept falling off and then ending up in the same place.

I felt so bad for him, but he didn’t!

This tiny little wasp, kept trying and trying!  He fell off and then he got back on again. Finally he found a new way and reached his goal.  I don’t know why he wasn’t able to fly or why he had to be on this particular leaf, but he didn’t stop! All he cared about was the end result. I know this doesn’t seem like much, but I am not the wasp…and neither are you.

But this is what I learned watching this little wasp…The falls are simply part of the journey.

Hmm…something to think about!


I guess they are right when they say life is 20% of what happens and 80% perception!  So I ask the question how am I perceiving my life…for that matter how do you perceive your life?

Mr. Wasp…had a journey (at least for that moment) and he didn’t let anything stop him from complete his desire to be on that leaf!  He is a #success!  Task well done!

So what is my passion in this moment?  Remember that passion is #success on steroids.

In this moment it is this blog writing it makes me yearn to write more and do more.  I know that I am infinite…as I am a spiritual being in human form and I agreed to come here to finish my mission to give to the collective and grow us back to love, passion, adventure and absolute knowledge.  That is what I agreed to do and I do it with passion!

I am truly a #success when I try to do more, give more, receive more, laugh more, smile more, kiss more, stay connected to the now and learn more about who I am!!!

I sometimes have to remember that I am powerful beyond measure and my life has a purpose, because I live it that way!  My purpose isn’t always clear, so many of the things I’ve done to help others I am totally oblivious too and yet they had significant meaning to someone else. Sometimes it is just a smile you give to a stranger could change their whole day.  It may have given them hope when they had none…you don’t know!!!!  So in saying that, be mindful!  Stay present and in the moment and do it with love.

Remember that we aren’t privy to everything…yet!

But I will tell you this…Being Human is a #Success.  Being Loving is a #Success.  Being a friend to a stranger is a #Success.

So I write this knowing that one of you needed to hear this message and know that you too are powerful & beautiful beyond measure.  Your life is making a difference. In this moment there is more right with you than there is wrong with you…no matter what is wrong with you!

We all are here for a reason and to make a difference.  To bring more love into your life you just have to expect it and it will be there.

I am grateful to each and everyone of you because you inspire me to be a #Success everyday.  Thank you for helping me putting pen to paper today…this is my journey in this moment!

Today is going to be MY BEST DAY EVER!!!

Today I made someone smile and I am grateful!

Thank you! Thank You!! THANK YOU!!!


360 Days of Gratitude (Day 43) An Epiphany!!! Eureka!!!


The Rose

As I go through my life and in writing this blog, I am finding out my own truths and looking for purpose. 

I have the intention of growing and being the best me I can.  I have found that the lessons I am teaching to you ARE actually for me.  As I allow Spirit guide me on this quest for knowledge I am finding out who I am and who I am to be.

Sometimes this can be painstaking as I am looking for direction.  Ego stands in the way of progress sometimes and tells me things that I now know aren’t exactly my truths…but I would believe them anyway, because sometimes they seem to be the easy way out.

I would compare myself to others and measure my success against others.  My negative mind talk always is in charge of these moments and I have them just like everyone else.  Fear always love raising it’s nasty head when it gets a chance.  But I have to stop that right now.  Am I always going to be successful in this task.  Probably not!  But those are my times of reflection I guess.  I can’t change my past, but I can change my the way I view it in the rear view mirror.

I haven’t always been the way I am today.  I have lived a life of pain and suffering as we all do.  It is no longer my intention to live there anymore.  I am grateful to be where I am right here and now.  These are my lessons that have brought me to this moment and I wouldn’t change a thing.

I am grateful that I am a recovering alcoholic, it has shown me the light of spirit that I would have never known.  It has taught me how to heal and love myself.

I am grateful for experiencing the life on the street.  It has shown me how to survive and be the strong woman I am today.

I am grateful for the lessons of being a single mom and choosing a man that had nothing to do with our daughter.  He showed me how to give more than I knew I had in the form of unconditional love.  My daughter is and always will be the best thing that has ever happened in my life.

I am grateful that I was homeless…twice. It has shown me that I am loved and that I can always start again.  Tomorrow is a brand new day full of possibilities.

I am grateful to have lost in love more times than I can count…it has shown me that my heart is still to this day open and ready to love again!

I love my life!  It has shown me the best and the worst that life has to offer and FYI  I survived it all! I SURVIVED!


I wouldn’t change a single one of them.  They led me to who and where I am today and I am grateful for each and everyone of them!

Today during my morning meditations I heard Deepak say, “Success isn’t a destination, it is a journey”.  Hell yeah it is!!!!  I succeeded every single time!  I am the most amazing woman to have survived and I am so incredibly grateful for the unfolding.  I am rich beyond measure!!!!

So today as I float through my day of ecstasy, I relish this moment.  It will never be the same again.  I  love the ebb and flow of life and all Her treasures.  I hope that you find your flow today!!!  Thanks for taking this journey with me!!!  I love you guys so much!!!!  My heart overflows with the love you have always shown me and I am the most successful person I know!!!!

Remember that today is going to be the best day ever!!!!

Thank you!  Thank YOU!! THANK YOU!!!

Madly, Passionately In Love With YOU ALL,


360 Days of Gratitude (Day 41) The “T” in SMART- Timing for Success

Timing for Success

We move toward success when we open our hearts, minds & spirits. We expand the ways that we spend our time which is another milestone on our road to success. Time is our most precious jewel, when you come to realize that…when you live each moment to its fullest, your treasure chest over flows with abundance.

Give yourself the gift of time. Restful time…connecting time…creative time…time to focus and time to play. When you do every day will become timeless. That is the measure of success!

Maya Angelou said that, “All great achievements require time.”

Remember that every moment that we have here on earth is sacred.

T– Is for Time Limits

Set a time to act and a time for results to come to you. Remember that you don’t want to become Time’s slave. In a fully awakened state our days become timeless. You are expanded and free without constraints. It seems bizarre but the road to the timeless is through time. This is only because of how our brains process experience. One event at a time in a straight line. In reality, your True Self is timeless. You are not bound by time. But all living things have a natural rhythm.

When you find your rightful time…everything you need for success unfolds naturally.

In practical terms we are asking that you approach time as something that you can master.

This is the best model that we have heard of that is a tool to that mastery.

There are according to Dr. Daniel Siegel a psychologist said that these are the best ways of spending your time. You should spend each day with each of these ways to utilize your time.

They are…

  • Sleep time
  • Physical time
  • Focus time
  • Time In
  • Time out
  • Play time
  • Connecting time

This gives you a way to master time instead of letting it slip away from you.

When you begin your day, pay attention to all 7 departments of time. Remember that they nurture every aspect of you and your growth

  • Sleep time– Did you get a full night of restful sleep?
  • Physical time– Did you take time to move and let your body be active?
  • Focus time– Where you alone so you could focus on what matters to you?
  • Time in– Did you set aside a few moments for prayer, meditation and self-reflection?
  • Time out– What time did you set aside to just be in the moment resting in you existence?
  • Play time– Did you give yourself time to have fun in a carefree mood?
  • Connecting time– Was there intimate connecting time between you and the ones you love and cherish?

These aren’t just components of a well-planned day, they optimize different areas of the brain which lead to expanded awareness and a sense of fulfillment.

This with the timeframes that you utilize for creating your dreams and the action steps you take, you will guarantee that you are a success. Remember it is all about living a well-rounded life! You must make time for all the aspects of your life and in doing so, you live a life of no regrets.

When you live a well-rounded life it gives you more reasons to be grateful and in turn the Universe will expand your path to success. Living in gratitude for each and every moment of your day is the path!

Thank you for joining me on this journey of discovery and learning to be SMART on our own personal road to success. Remember that it is an interconnected journey and we all have a part in each other’s path. We are one energy, living our lives with love, passion, courage and in search of knowledge!

We are all here to help each other

Use this thought to center you as you go along your day and way…

I allow the flow of time to carry me forward.

Special thanks to Deepak Chopra and Oprah for this path to enlightenment. Please join them on their 21 day Meditation on Success.

I welcome any and all comments as to the direction you guys are interested in going. Otherwise it is back to my journey in the scheme of things. I will be traveling for the next few day (my favorite thing) I am driving to North Texas to see the wild flowers!!! So Excited!  I love Mother Nature and all Her colors. I will let you know of my journey this weekend…late! Namaste Y’all

I am grateful that we are taking this journey together! Thank you for following, liking & sharing my blog with your friends and family. If you have any questions, please comment below and I will respond to your questions.

I am available for coaching and life readings. Just go to my Oracle Card Reading page and schedule an appointment.

Remember that Today is going to be the best day ever!!!!

Thank you! Thank You!! THANK YOU!!!


360 Days of Gratitude (Day 30) Beyond Happy & In The Vortex

Gold & moneyThe Universe is always surprising me with abundance in new and exciting ways!

I am so excited today!!!  I am so grateful that I am totally in the flow of my Vortex and it is revealing the scrumptiousness of each and every moment of it!  I am grateful that today is my best day ever! Thank you Thank you Thank YOU!!!!

Today I MANIFESTED 3 more paying clients and The Great I AM & I are One!

Yesterday, you were shown about the clearing process.  When you are clear of lower energies, you heart and spirit are lifted.  When you stop all the negative mind talk and fear based messages and release them, then you make space for all the new wonderful, exciting energies to come in.

This process is different for everyone as far as how much time this will take, but I have to say this to you. Don’t Give Up!!!  You are almost there and you are doing so well!  I am proud of you!!!

dont give up1Every event in your life has led you to this moment!

So now that we have cleared away all the crap that has been holding you back (Including YOU) let’s start this with a new fresh renewed energy!

  • What are you going to DECIDE what you want to do?
  • What will you ALLOW your spirit to say?
  • What are the new dreams that you have always had?  YOU KNOW THIS!
  • What does it mean to you to be tuned in, taped in and totally tuned on to yourself?
  • What can you do in this moment to be the happiest me?
  • What makes you so passionate that you scream with delight?  🙂
  • How can you start each and everyday with an attitude of gratitude?

You know all these answers!!!  You have had these dreams your whole life!!!  Trust your instincts and know that all is well.

There are so many tools to help you on your quest!!!  A virtual plethora of wisdom and 50+ years of experience!  So seeings that is Saturday I want to share this little tidbit of advice! We can get into it more on Monday.

A dream is just a dream…until you write it down and make it real!!!! GET IT?


I am so proud of me today!!!  This is my 30th day of my blog and I love sharing with you more today than the day I started!  Thank you for joining me on this journey!  A day at a time…in my moccasins!

Namaste Ya’ll


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360 Days of Gratitude (Day 23) Appreciation and Spiritual Rest

Love is3

Today is a Good Day.  I am blessed with love and harmony in my life and I am grateful.

I’m taking it easy today and recharging my batteries and it feels so good.  I’m going to share with you some of my favorite quotes and photos that I have taken. My journey I guess you could call it.  But what a magical journey it is.  Please feel the power and majesty of our Beautiful Mother Earth and give Her thanks for all our blessings. Namaste!

Blue Heron

“Happiness cannot be traveled to, owned, earned, or worn. It is the spiritual experience of living every minute with love, grace & gratitude.” – Denis Waitley

Peaceful Meditation1

“Being happy doesn’t mean that everything is perfect. it means that you’ve decided to look beyond the imperfections.” – Unknown


“Life has two rules: #1 Never quit #2 Always remember rule # 1.” – Unknown

Blaze a trail

If you can just remember where this is all going,

no road will be too bumpy,

no night will be too lonely,

and no price will seem too great.

Plus, with just a wink, your confidence could bring peace to babes and nations

~The Universe

Last but certainly not least MY FAVORITE


Thank you for all your love and for helping me to experience my dreams!  I am grateful everyday to have a world wide following.  Thank you in advance for sharing me on your Facebook & Twitter!  My goal is to touch the hearts of minds of millions of like minded people that believe in the power of love and abundance.  This is after all the best year ever filled with magic, joy & absolute abundance!


Love, Skyridr


360 Days of Gratitude (Day 22) The Power of Belief

Believe in yourself


I am so grateful for this powerful day in my life…all my dreams are my reality.

I finally got home yesterday after a world wind of manifestations.  The conference was a complete success and I was blessed by the Universe with absolute kismet.  This is my path and my destiny…my Personal Legend and I am grateful for the unfolding.

This conference taught me so many things about manifestation and going with the flow of life.  I went into this conference with the intention of creating wealth for all that I was with, but especially for myself.  My intention was to meet like-minded people that would help me in creating a workshop that could help people create abundance.  I am a teacher…this is my gift.

I learned that I am loved so much that people are naturally attracted to me and always remember me!!!  Even before the conference began people were coming up to me and telling me how happy they were to see me again.  One lady even said, “Girl I have missed you and your contagious energy!  Now we are going to have some fun!”  What a catalyst of positive energy!  This only confirmed that I am on the right path and that my dreams have already materialized!

I had a conversation with the keynote speaker of the conference, Daymond John of Shark Tank and I asked for his advice in marketing.  He asked me what I am doing and I told I am a Life Coach and putting together a workshop to help people find true balance.  He looked at me, paused and said, “You are going to be very successful!”  I smiled and thanked him for the compliment and took his words to heart for they are a prophesy!  I asked him, “Well how do you know that?”  He answered, “Because you believe in your passion”.  I smiled so big it filled the room! I claimed it and said, “I’m going to be your competition someday!” He smiled in agreement and I left.

From that moment on there was no stopping me! 

In that day, I made over 20 new connections of people that would definitely be interested in doing coaching and learning more about creating more balance, passion, love and abundance in their lives.  I met business people with like mind that would barter services for coaching.  I met people that absolutely inspired me with their stories of their successes that showed me that all I have to do is believe that I already have this.  It already is mine.  All I have to do is carry this energy forward and spread this love where ever I go! Did I mention that I was at a Contractor Conference?

It doesn’t matter where you are…If you have faith and belief in your vision, the Universe will meet you!!!

I have found (for me)  that if I want to create abundance for myself, I need to share it where ever I go.  It is in the giving that we  receive.  When the Universe see’s  that you are most passionate (the highest energy vibration) about giving then the Universe will give you more to give!

If God gives you a vision, He will give you the provision!

We must also remember that in order to give you must receive.  Sometimes that is a hard thing to do unless you have so much love for yourself that you realize that this is the cycle.  It is a Universal truth. Life is not linear it is cyclical.

As the seasons of our lives change so must we.  We need to release that which does not serve us in order to receive the new abundance.  It is in cleaning out our own Spiritual Closet, that we truly find our path and our own potential to our greatness.

We are all here for a purpose.  We are all here to love and be loved.  We are all here to create our own trails that eventually will become the paths of the next generations.  We are all here to show the world how absolutely abundant and connected we truly are.  But most importantly…how we all are together on this beautiful green planet together as One.

Remember that the signs are all around you!  Just open your eyes, take a deep breath and receive their message.  Allow the Light of Love to dance with you through the seasons of your beautiful life.

Believe in yourself!  Make a difference…love, starting with yourself!

Remember all the knowledge and power is already within us NOW

This is going to be the best day ever!  I am Divinely Blessed and Grateful for all my followers! You make my life sing, dance and create!  I am pure potentiality and the possibilities are INFINITE!  Thank You! Thank You! THANK YOU!!!!


I leave you with a message from the Universe…

Go way out.

Think beyond your presents dreams,

to the dreams you will have once they’ve already

come true.  And when you can clearly see

how confident you will walk

and how proud you will feel,

start walking and feeling like that today.

~The Universe


360 Days of Gratitude (Day 18) Following My Dreams

Buffalo's Prayer

Following My Dreams of Abundance

It has been an interesting week to say the least.  Spirit has been guiding me to follow a new path as the old path seems to be changing and withering away before my very eyes…but I am not in fear!  In fact, I am grateful…very grateful.

You know the old saying, when life gives you lemons make lemonade!!!!  Well I am opening up a stand!!!!

I having been working with a friend that has had some challenges and asked for my help in organizing their home and workspace.  In doing this I have found, to my chagrin, that I have so many more gifts than just tearing things apart and putting them back together in an organized manner.

During this process, I was inspired by spirit and kept having so many visions of the prosperity that was coming into the life of my friend.  It was as if I was connecting on a spiritual plane with the destiny of this person.  I was connecting to their pain and fear and clearing it for them.

Things, ideas & thoughts of the path this person needed to go was flooding into my spirit and flooding out of my mouth.  I was listening to their fears and apprehensions about what they can’t do and visualizing what is truly possible for them.

At first, they discounted my advice, but the messages kept coming in as we went through their life stored in so many boxes.  The patterns of their (so called) failures and successes started becoming more and more evident.  Life leaves messages!

It made me reflect on my own life.  I have lived a wonderful life and learned so many lessons, but I kept seeing that, in going through my friends life that I was making the same mistakes as well.  I was living on the same hamster wheel existence and expecting different results.   The thing that stood out the most is that in my exceptional life…I was always helping other people achieve their dreams and not my own.

What’s wrong with this picture?  Do I want to help people create their dreams? ABSOLUTELY!!!!  I love the feelings and sensations of creating love, joy and absolute abundance, but I was missing an important ingredient…me being in charge and believing that I deserve to RECEIVE the abundance for myself as well.

So I guess I need to take a leap of faith and believe in myself!!!!  I am not going to worry about money…it always comes when I call it! I am ever so grateful that I have a spiritual team that supports, loves and believes in me.  I am my dreams manifested!!!!

So what actions steps do I need to take in order to create my dreams realized?

What is necessary for me to do to realize my own “Personal Legend” and make it my now reality?

What does it look like, taste like, feel like smell like?

What is it, that I already know and how do I achieve this with absolute passion? My spirit knows everything!!!!  I now need to ask the questions and except the advice from my “Spiritual Team”. SOOOOO…..

Take a deep breathe in…breath out and close your eyes. Relax…In the state of allowing and it shall come.


  • Organize and do grid work of each area of your “Spiritual Closet”.
  • Focus on one grid area at a time
  • Make two piles within each grid Pile #1 is “What serves me” and Pile #2 “What doesn’t serve me”.
  • Forgive, clear and release the things that don’t serve your highest purpose. Forgive yourself first and then the event or person and then release it and cut the cords that bind you to it!
  • Build on the things that do serve you.
  • Make an action plan in writing and check it off one thing at a time.
  • Make an appointment with yourself to look at your action plan and create an action on it everyday.
  • Be Grateful!!!! Wake up every morning and write down 3 things that you are grateful for.  They will change everyday so keep a journal if you can.  Carry your 3 things with you like a lucky penny in your pocket.  Your energy of gratitude will grow each day in just doing this!
  • Meditation: It is important to take yourself each day to the zero place and fill that place with your dreams and visualizations.  Meditating for 10 minutes a day, first thing in the morning can not only change your day, but your life!
  • Remember that manifestation is in your hands.  It is your thoughts, feelings, desires, dreams and passions.  Focus on them with your highest energy you can muster.  Think of it this way.  What does it feel like when you meet that man or woman of your dreams? What does it feel like when they return this energy to you and you are in the “ZAA ZAA ZOO” state of chemistry? How does this energy feel?  What passion is associated with it for you?  What kind of excited state are you in, in that moment?

That’s the energy you need to be in!!!!! 

I read an important message from, “The Universe” that keeps floating in and out of my mind.  It is an important message when you are manifesting your dreams.  Please keep this close to your heart and know in YOUR SPIRIT that this is YOUR truth!

“Failure isn’t an option because failure isn’t a possibility.

Just in the act of attempting you have succeeded. In braving the unknown of trying, you have attained new heights.

In the mere effort of reaching for your desires, you have laid claim to your dreams.

There is no failure.

There is only thriving and flourishing and following new paths with exuberance when the old paths wither and give way.”

~The Universe

So this is my new class that I am creating.  I will be working on it more and refining it!  I must let you know that I have been using this process on my friends, family and new people in my life for years.  When they are in a state of receiving it has worked the majority of the time.  We are all different, but in that aspect we are all the same.  The only things that separate us are our perspectives on our stories. Otherwise we are all the same, for truly we are all One.  Divinely Inspired and Created.

Remember that you are here to find out about your passion and following YOUR dreams. In doing so, unconsciously you are creating an example for more people than you can possibly imagine.  In doing so you are paying forward the possibilities that life has to offer and becoming an example of joy, love, peace and absolute abundance.  In doing so you (in your small space on the planet) are creating a worldwide explosion of faith and passion.  Can you imagine a world where everyone’s dreams come true? I can!!!! Remember that the possibilities are INFINITE!!!

Let me know if this kind of class/system is something that you would find interesting or maybe you know someone that it could help!!!  I will be doing Skype classes!

PS…My friend just informed me that today (1 day later) that they manifested a NEW job that will bring in another $2000!

Life is good living in the Vortex!!!!