Skyridr Vlog

Howdy from Jamaica Beach, Texas

I am trying something new and different for me and stretching my wings!!!

This is totally unscripted…as you can probably tell, totally unscripted! I was guided to do this, but I wanted to thank you all for supporting my dreams!  I am so grateful and completely amazed how the LOA works and has been working in my life.  I am grateful for the unfolding!

Today for me is just about giving thanks to you!

I would love input if you would like to hear more.  I would love comments so we can pick subjects that are in your here and now and we can address them! I believe that every issue you have is being felt in someone you don’t even know and if we can share it together, we can find a solution through love and become that much stronger, wiser and happier!

 I was also thinking we could do weekly card readings as well! Let me know!

As much as I have a deep passion for this and have more fun than ever creating it!  I started doing this to make a difference and make this fabulous world a little more fabulous…for all of us!

We all have one thing in common…LOVE

Let’s create…One Love & One Heart!!!!

Forever Grateful In The Vortex


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