Oracle Reading for April 27 thru May 3

Reading 4-27 thru 5-3This is going to be a delicious week! Loving it!

Howdy Everyone and welcome to the next installment of Skyridr’s Oracle Cards Readings.

We are going to have a fabulous week full of balance, self nurturing, love and guidance with protection. I am so excited. I pray over my space for guidance for all of us and for me this is a resounding affirmation of my prayers and intentions. I hope that this resides with you as well.

Our centering card and guiding card is Corn Woman. She is the Goddess of Nourishment. She is a Native American Goddess and resides over Mother Earth and the Nourishment she provides us all. To Native Americans Corn Woman or Corn Mother was sent here to show us the sacredness of honoring your body and all that is given in order to fulfill your body’s need for food. Before you eat you should give thanks to whatever plant or animal gave it’s life so that you can feed yours. It is a sacred balance. Breathe in the energy and let it become one with you. You should do this in all aspects of your well being.

In every situation you are facing this week…be mindful and grateful.

We start with Listen to Your Intuitive Feelings… In the first part of the week Your angels are telling you to that you are receiving Divine messages, even if you are not noticing them.

Messages come in many different ways. They can come from emotions you sense, your body may feel different when you come into a certain situations, or you keep hearing them same messages over and over again on the radio, tv or the internet. You are being urged to trust your intuition and feels. When you realize the message act upon it as soon as possible. Sit back and ask your Guardian Angels what the meanings are and how they affect your life. Maybe it is time to change up your routine or help a friend. Maybe you have a craving to nurture yourself. It is time to go within.

In the middle of the week we have Vegetarian/Vegan. I’m starting to see a pattern! 🙂 The angels are asking you to eat fresh organic fruits & veggies to give you a boost of high life-force energy. When you do this you will elevate your spiritual frequency.

The angels say that now is the time to ingest only foods or beverages that are free of chemicals. The Law of Attraction has guided you to consume items that mirror your spiritual path. Ask Arch Angel Raphael to help you adjust your appetite and cravings. As you eat more healthy foods that are in alignment with your path, you will experience greater clarity, energy and want to do more, flat out and simple! When you do this you will also experience more spiritual clarity as well. Meditations will be more relaxed, your body will detoxify and you will feel better and have more energy to do the things that make you happy and fulfilled. You will become more of Who you truly are…on the inside. The one that is young and full of a life! A place where age is not a number at all but a mindset! Enter into this time with gratitude and feel the blessings of Health!!!!

At the end of the week we have Twin Flame…oh my!!!!! Could this be the reason you are getting into shape???? I’m counting on it!!!! Twin Flame is one of two things…Now usually Twin Flames incarnate together during their last lifetime on Earth. This is the time when the reincarnation cycle is completed and all karma is in balance. But a Twin Flame can also be your Guardian Angel and guiding you to your soul mate (Romance…HELLO)

Now with in this there are again two scenarios…If you are in a relationship, this could be the perfect timing to spark up a new romance with your significant other…it will be well received and could lead to a fabulous spring/summer romance again. It’s never too late to add some new something/something to your game.

If you are single…your prayers are being answered!!! Thank you! Thank You!! Thank YOU!!! Soon a little romance will be entering into your life and it is all good. So #1 Trust your Intuition #2 Start loving yourself with healthy foods and activities. I’m not a betting woman, but I’m thinking that your new mindset and new activities from your new lifestyle are going to help you meet this new person.

So it could be a walk in the park or the new gym membership or even bumping into someone at the farmers market. It’s all good!!!! Time to trust & love yourself and what you reflect on the inside will come back to you on the outside. It is the Law of Attraction.

On the weekend we have Archangel Michael!!!! We are rocking this week!!! Although He is part of the weekend part of the reading know that He is always with you. So as you go through this awesome week of self awareness and growth, please note that Archangel Michael is here to give you validation to something that you know or suspected and he is here to guide and protect you. Sometimes it is all about having the courage/backbone to face the things that intimidate you. What is that saying that when you face your fear it is so much smaller than what you perceived? Well it’s true here as well!!! When you are facing life changes it can be a little intimidating…do it anyway!!!! You are protected and loved!!!! Have a little confidence…you can do this, you are not alone. All aspects of this journey you are being protected and provided for…physically, spiritually, financially and energetically.

Well I hope this gives you hope and peace for the coming week!!! It’s going to be an awesome one!!!!

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