Oracle Card Reading for April 6 thur April 12 2015


reading 4-6 thur 12Happy Easter Everyone!

What an exciting time we are in right now.  Astrologically and spiritually speaking!  Yesterday was not only a Blood Moon as we had the lunar eclipse and out of that came the Pink Moon which represents the Angel Moon. The date of 4-4 signifies this and it is a time of manifesting your dreams.

  There are strange things brewing and change is coming!  Today I am using the Goddess Oracle Cards by Amy Sophia Marashinsky & the Guiding Card is Medicine Cards by Jamie Sams & David Carson.

As I said we are in a strange time and things are changing so you have to be aware of what is going on.  Opossum the center card is telling us that we should expect the unexpected and that it is time to figure out your strategy and be clever in achieving your victory.  Opossums medicine is all about strategy. Opossum will play dead to avoid an enemy and even excrete the scent of death to send his enemy away.  But all the while Opossum has the ability to fight because he is armed with huge claws and teeth, but rarely uses them.  He only uses them as a last resort.  Opossum is known for his strategies and uses his instincts for the best way to resolve a situation.  Opossum medicine is asking you to not only use your instincts but your brain to leap over any barrier that might present itself this week.  It will be your victory and it will be sweet!

As a guiding card this is a good one to have because change is coming as the Goddess Oya steps into the picture in the first part of the week. She is the Goddess of Change.  This Yoruban Goddess is the Goddess of Weather especially tornadoes, lightning and fire.  She is also a deity of female leadership, persuasive charm and transformation.

This is all about new and exciting change that is coming into your life, but it is also about facing anything that you may have feared in the past and embracing it. It is time to nurture yourself and embrace the power that is within you.  It is all about your growth and following your passion!  Trust me this is all good!

  Life is a dance and it is time to clean up and throw out all the things that are no longer serving you.  It is time to embrace your fears and forgive them.  They aren’t the big bad monster you thought they are.  Don’t resist it…embrace it with a strategy of love and total forgiveness and then release them.  Allow yourself to embrace the new growth in your life. When you choose (because it is all about growth) you allow yourself to embrace this dance you call life.  You leave yourself space for the flow of growth which is change.  Life may be abundant and richly blessed when you embrace change!!!!  It’s all good!

Which leads us to the middle of the week as we are embracing this Change…a lot of laughter is on the way with Uzume the Goddess of Laughter.  Yeah!!!!  I love this Goddess!!!  This chick has balls and boobs!!! LOL!  She is the Japanese Shaman Goddess that makes fun of ritual.  She is known for enticing the Sun Goddess Amaterasu Omi Kami out of her cave with a dance that she exposed her breasts and played with her genitals amidst howls of laughter from the other deities.  The laughter was so loud that it brought Amaterasu out of her cave.  Gotta dig this Goddess.

During the middle of your week Uzume is telling you to nurture yourself with laughter and not to take things so seriously.  When you relax and enjoy life you gain perspective and that’s what you need to help you as you ease through change.

Laughter is the best medicine possible to get yourself into the flow.  Stop taking yourself so seriously.  Be gentle with yourself and even laugh at yourself.  There is humor in every aspect of life…FIND IT!

You are going through a wonderful and amazing change this week.  You need to open your heart mind and spirit into your flow with laughter.  Regardless of the situation that you face it will all end up to be the best thing that has ever happened to you!  When you choose to laugh and see the humor in all of your challenges you gain perspective and in that comes the AHA moments!!!

A strategy and change thru laughter and harmony…hmmm?  A no brainer for me…how about you?

Which brings me to our next card and the end of the week with the Goddess Lilith.  Guys this is such an awesome reading I have chills!!!  Lilith is the Goddess of Power and the Sumerian Queen of Heaven.  She is one of the oldest Goddess!  She is about power and how you can take back yours.  I told you that this reading was all about strategy..well here ya go!

Lilith is telling YOU to TAKE BACK YOUR POWER. 

Have you been giving your power away or denying your power?  Are you living small as not to offend or diminish others?  Stop that shit right now!!!  You not only can be powerful…you all ready are!!!  For all those who have situations that do not serve them…it’s time to clean house!

Your way to wholeness is through your power and love for yourself.  No one is better or less than you are right now in this moment.  We are all equals and it is time to claim what’s yours…DIVINELY.

By accepting your power you are also giving others permission to accept theirs and then the wonderful cycle of change thru self love can begin.  When you connect with the Divine that is within us all you are connecting with Divine Power that is innately ours to claim.

Don’t be afraid to step into a role that has always been yours to step into all along.  Being your most authentic self is the only way to live and living in each and every moment in this way is what you are here for in the first place. Wow…that was awesome!

Which leads me to the end of this reading that to me is the best way to spend the weekend with Demeter the Goddess of Feelings/Emotions. Demeter is a Greek Goddess that was here long before the Olympian male dominated Gods.

Demeter’s name means doorway of the mysterious feminine.  it is all about finding your way through the dark and the challenges they hold by accepting, acknowledging and expressing your feelings.

Feelings left unexpressed build up and can create disease other wise known as dis-ease.  They take up space inside and keep healthy energy from flowing into your life.

Clean out your spiritual closet boys and girls. 

Make space for that which serves you to your higher purpose.  Demeter is telling you that you will learn more if you accept and acknowledge your feelings that way you will spend less time in turmoil and more time living the life you are meant to live.

This is a practice.  You need to know that the more you do this one thing, the safer you will feel and expressing them. Remember to always do this with love, first for yourself and then to others.

WOW…what an awesome time for all of us!!!!

Just to recap…we are in a time of change and it is a good time to do so.  Don’t forget to use a strategy that will work to your benefit and the benefit of others.  You come first!!!  Release and clean out that which doesn’t serve you and release it with a happy heart full of fun and laughter. When you do this you can regain your power and give others permission to do the same.  Acknowledge your feelings along the way and take stock of them at the end of this week as it will be a time of reflection and listening to what your heart and spirit are telling you.  Learn who you are and where YOU want to go!  This is your life…live it with gusto.

Remember that you have to till the soil in order to make your dreams grow!

In the Vortex of Love…Always


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