My Intentions for 2015…Let this happen or something better

A Galveston Sunset

  1. I create avenues of abundance everyday. My goal is to have a minimum of $150K in my pocket this year. Let this happen or something better!
  2. I am creating 3 opportunities each week that turn into actual paychecks within 4 months of contract for TDA. Let this happen or something better!
  3. I am going to California to expand TDA in 2015. Let this happen or something better!
  4. I have created 8 paintings this year for sale. They sell for top dollar. I now have a waiting list of paying customers that want my paintings in their home. Let this happen or something better.
  5. I have created (in writing) my book. (Decide by 1/30/15 which form WE would like it to be…i.e. -poetry, short story, or novel.) I spend 2 hours each week toward this project. My idea will become a best-selling book well before the end of the year. Let me know YOUR will! (Thanks for inspiring me)Let this happen or something better!
  6. I have created opportunities in other realms as well as being a public adjuster. Doing paintings, readings, starting a plan to move to California. My income from my new endeavors are $50k this year and are growing expedentually. Let this happen or something better!
  7. I am going to classes to expand my knowledge. I need to be more experienced in the areas of my life that I enjoy…such as photography, painting, doing life readings and writing. Also I read 1 book per month that inspires me to educate and inspire others. Let this happen or something better!
  8. I have found my soulmate. I made you #8 because I want this partnership…this sacred partnership to last forever. I am pure blissful love and my twin flame resides in me and with me. This man is the one I run to when I am seeking and he gives me optimistic ways to approach life during the good times and the challenges. Together we create adventures that last a lifetime. He is not someone that completes me, for I am complete and full of love and absolute passion, but he inspires me to more than I could ever imagine. We are passionate in all aspects! And we have the best sex life ever!!! We touch on every chakra…spiritual, sensual, expression, and intellectual. He is more than I could imagine and I am grateful for the unfolding of our adventure together. This has happened and I am grateful!!!! Yeah 2015! Let this happen or something better!!!!!
  9. Move! I am living in a larger home with my daughter and Brittany. I love that they are with me. I want my home to have a minimum of 3 bedrooms, a nice big kitchen, a back patio and front porch that is covered with a beautiful yard that I can garden in and meditate in. There is a space in this home that I can create my sacred works, it has pure energy and is full of natural light. If it can be yellow with a blue roof that would ROCK!!! Let this happen or something better!
  10. I have gone to Costa Rica this year to fix my whole body and be completely healthy and living without pain! When my ankle healed I was able to dance again, hike again, run again (if I wanted to) and have sex again. (Definitely want too) My body is now in balance and matches the spirit that resides within me. I am grateful that the healing was successful and I have a new testimony. It is nothing short of miraculous! I am happy, moving and grooving Donna again. I am healthy! I eat nurturing foods that feed not only my spirit, but my body as well. I possess the energy of a healthy 20 year old woman, which matches my spirit!!! I am grateful for all the adventures yet to come because of my healthy body!!! Let this happen or something better in 2015!!!!!!

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