360 Days of Gratitude (Day 9) Love comes in little packages…


So I have a friend that needed a favor. She needed someone to watch her little puppy Penny. I just loved the thought of having a puppy for a red hot minute…not realizing what,”having a puppy” entailed. Foolishness!!!!

I thought, (because of how she acted when I met her) that she was mellow and easy going. What the hell was I thinking? LOL. Oh but NO! She is a puppy. What do puppies do? Any thing they want. Don’t let that cute face fool you like it did me! LOL!

I can’t really blame her…no one has shown her any better. But what she is, is a loving full of life puppy. Off the breathe of the Angels. Her innocence, was both refreshing and totally frustrating and exhausting. At this point, we are both just trying to figure out the “rules”.

Every time I would take her out…Nothing! No poo poo’s. No pee pee’s! But the second, we were in the warm house…she would let loose. I tried to contain her in the kitchen and all she would do is cry…ALL NIGHT LONG! I am not used to this…I love dogs, love puppies, love animals!!!! But this has been a learning experience, for both of us.

It really made me think, is this what love is? I’m 54 years old and have never found the one. Is this suppose to be the practice round? What would it take for me to find “The One”? Is this little adorable puppy teaching me what I need to know?

I am a firm believer in miracles…and I think this cup sized little bundle of energy is one of mine. I was kinda pissed at my friend at first…loss of sleep will do that to ya, but I am glad Penny is here. We are learning from each other and isn’t that the reason we are here?

Sometimes life is love, belly scratches and squeaky toys…and sometimes there is crap on the carpet!

Love isn’t perfect, but we aren’t here to create perfection, cause that doesn’t exist. What does exists is the feeling and satisfaction in knowing that if you work on it and go forward assuming that this is fun then it will be.

A lesson for Donna!

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