360 Days of Gratitude (Day 4) It’s all about the crazy! :)

The Light Fantastic

I am blessed to not walk on the beaten path but to create a trail. It is in our differences that we find the contrast that we yearn for and our desires manifest. We are all here because of this. Some may say, I am tired of the status quo and I want to be me. Well then do it! Stop making excuses and just do it! The world is crying for your contrast. The sunset would be pretty boring without the wild colors of diversity.

I leave you with a little inspiration from “The Universe”. Enjoy!

Of course not everyone understands you.

It takes crazy to know crazy.

It takes sexy to know sexy.

And most assuredly, it takes cool to know cool.

Yeah, uh-huh, alright-

The Universe

It also takes great to know great.

How crazy is that?

I am grateful for crazy…It keeps me grounded


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