360 Days of Gratitude (Day 33) I am grateful to manifest all of my dreams…

Phi Vortex…inside my vortex of passion!

Today is a special day! It is the day of PHI. The Frequency of Manifestation. The frequency of the Universe…time to manifest your dreams.

3.14.15 are the beginning numbers of phi which is also the Golden Frequency. This day only happens once every 100 years. We will never see this day again!

The phi frequency is also known as the golden ratio and is regularly seen in sacred geometry. The phi frequency is thought to be a fundamental frequency throughout the universe. The phi frequency is seen in the design of the great pyramids and is thought to contribute to its preservative properties.

The phi frequency has shown to be incredibly healing and energizing.

This is a place of vortex creation and a place for powerful intuitive insight and manifestation. Now is the perfect time to get into your vortex and meditate on what you want to create in your life.

I have included this mediation on the bottom of this blog. When you do it have a pen and paper next to you. You will receive messages on what action steps to take to create the life that you have always known and always dreamed of!

Get in tuned in, taped in and totally turned on with the essence of your spirit for they are here to guide you into the vortex!!!

I have done this myself and I feel amazing! I am vibrating at such a high frequency right now that I am going out today to live my passions by communing with my favorite gal…Mother Nature! The best part is that the Universe has already set me up and it is a perfect day!

The day is 75 degrees with a delicious blue sky and big beautiful billowing clouds. There is a light breeze and I can smell the salt air calling me name!

I am so grateful that I have the privilege to have you all as my friends and family! You set my soul on fire and help me to create my unbelievably awesome world. I am grateful that spirit inspires me everyday so that I can share this with you!!!! Life is AWESOME!!!!

So here is the meditation for today that I have found on YouTube. It is the Golden Frequency!!! Enjoy it and melt into the unfolding!!!! Trust me it is infinite and total delectable!


Thank you! Thank You! THANK YOU!!!

So let’s get this party started and comment below on what you are going to manifest! You have to write it down to make it real!!! Send it out into the Universe!!! Remember that your words are POWERFUL so choose them well!!! Remember to shift your words from wants to expectations!!!! See how fast your vortex materializes!!!

I love you all! Thank you for sharing my blog, following and liking me!!! You know I like you!!! ❤

Forever in the Vortex


PS…For best results use headphones!

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