360 Days of Gratitude (Day 32) Shifting into Expectation-Loving it!

Money VortexWelcome to My Vortex…I think you’re gonna like it!

I think you’re gonna feel…like you belong!!!

I love this!!!! My new favorite energy pic!!!! Does it pull you in?

I have had the most wonderful day today!!!! But it was a little strange. I woke up at 4:44 this morning (Angel Time) and couldn’t go back to sleep…kept tossing and turning.

I kept hearing this voice in my head to start making the shift. HMMM? What’s this all about?

You have to shift! What? I have to shift? It made me think! So I got up and started listening to Abraham. I find such centering and peace in Ester’s meditations. (Don’t forget I have Her videos for you to listen to on this website.) The next video was Shifting from Wanting to Expecting. HMMMM? There’s that “Shift” word again. So it made me think…what do I have to do right now to shift from wanting to expecting?

It is a powerful thing words. From just setting my mind set from wanting to expecting I was and am able to manifest all my desires. I started off small. (Test run) So I decided that I would place my order to the Universe and see what is there waiting for me!

Since words are powerful I decided that instead of dreaming about it, I will write down my intentions. Remember, I’ve stated in a few past blogs that in order to make it real you have to write it down. So I did and boy was I in awe of…Myself!

Now you have to remember that this is the energy of expecting. Think of it this way…

When I go to a restaurant and place my order, I expect the food that I order to come, I don’t hope that it will. My expectation is what I order. It is the same energy in manifesting. Don’t get wishy washy about it. Be specific and make it something that you believe. Yes I do want a trillion dollars but do I believe that order? Not in this moment, but if I ask the Universe for $5000, can I believe that in this moment…Oh Hell Yeah!!!! So like I said, small steps! Get into the game!

Start with something that you can believe in…like getting a parking spot right up front.

When you think about how wonderful it would be to get a parking spot up front. Visualize this and be grateful. Think about how happy it would be to park upfront! Think about how you are driving around the parking lot and then all of a sudden a car parked next to the door pulls out. Think about the look on the other drivers face and how it seem as if they saved this spot for you. Relish in this energy of appreciation…let it spin in your vortex. Add a little mantra into it…” I am always in the right place at the right time”. Then expect it. Go to the store and see what happens!

I personally have this happen to me all the time. If I’m not in the first space…I’m in the second space. I don’t even question it…the space is always mine if that is my intention. I expect it!

So what order are you placing? What has always helped me are these steps in my thought process:

  • Get clear on what you want…write it down! I personally keep a journal so I can see the clear use of language. If one statement isn’t working, change it to one that is more in tune with you.
  • Get certain and believe that it is yours. You filled your Vortex with all these wonderful things. Know that these are yours for the taking.
  • Get focused and remember to stay centered. You think thousands of thoughts a day. Quiet the mind and meditate. Get into your vortex. Be silent and listen. FYI…Silent & Listen have the exact same letters! Something to think about!
  • Get momentum and start a rampage of creation. 17 seconds baby! 17 seconds of maintaining that one good feeling thought. One that makes you tingle from your nose to your toes. Red Bull isn’t the only thing that can give you wings! Step into my Vortex!!!

Today has been a learning experience. I’m going to share with you a little from my Manifestation Journal.

Today is going to be the Best Day Ever!

Today I expect over 500 followers, views, likes & followers

Today I expect 10 new appointments to do readings with and it feels delicious ❤

Today I expect $5000 to be in my bank account today.

Thank you! Thank You! THANK YOU!

Well here is the outcome…

I received 502 followers

I received 5 new appointments

I received $3860 in deposits

Not bad for a day’s manifesting!!!! LOL

This is real!!!! I am so grateful and happy I actually almost pee’d myself laughing about it!!!! I am a master of my own Universe and you can be too!!!

Remember that we are here to have fun and love this fabulous life that we are all living! It is all about contrast and expansion. Be grateful for all that you have and the Universe will give you more to be grateful for! It is the Law of Attraction!

Thank you so much for reading my blog!!! I am grateful and humbled that I am being read in over 48 countries! That is also my manifestation to be a successful writer and to be known world wide! I manifested that in 3 months!!! I’m a badass baby!!!! LOL!!!!

If you would like a personal Oracle Card Reading please let me know!

I love you all!!!!

Thank you! Thank You! THANK YOU!!!

Eternally Yours in the Vortex


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