360 Days of Gratitude (Day 31) Creating Magic!!!


magic wandOnce we harness the mystical power within us, we can change ourselves,

our lives and our world.

~Marianne Williamson~

And we are magic!!! We are mystical magical creatures that can create all that we desire…but only if we believe! Do you believe? Do you believe that you are the source of your own creation?

I DO!!!!

We are here to make manifest the glory of all that is! It is our choice what will follow! First you must decide! On Day 30, we discussed the processes that we must first go through to start the manifestation.

  • What are you going to DECIDE what you want to do?

We need to make our passions real to us! To do this is so simple…write it down! When you write it down you make it real. When you write it down you can focus on it instead of dream about it. When you write it down, not only does it satisfy the soul but it ignites the brain.

Your brain is your computer. It is the most powerful computer on the planet. The reason why it is the most powerful computer is that it is connected to you! It knows everything you have ever thought. It knows every dream you have ever had. It know everything about you…the real authentic you. So how do I connect with this powerful computer?

Start my believing you already know everything you need to know. It is already inside you in your mind and your spirit. So how do you connect? Meditation is and always has been through the millennia the way to your center and all your magical secrets.

All the great masters start their days by connecting to who they really are…their center. When you connect to center it is a connection to your higher self. The Divine Spark of The Creator. That’s who you are. In this space, in the silence you find peace, love, understanding, inspiration , abundance and most importantly ease into your Vortex.

When you start your day in a space of silence you are allowing your higher self to communicate with you and in doing so, you start your day in a higher vibrational energy. The place where the magic begins.

This is a place of all possibilities! Remember that you are a spirit inhabiting a human form. You are Infinite and so are your possibilities!

So the questions truly are…

  • What do I want to create today?
  • What will it take to manifest my dreams one day at a time?
  • What will it take to get tuned in, tapped in and totally turned on?

The answer is simple…Start asking better questions!

Tony Robbins (one of my favorite inspirational thinkers and master manifester) states that asking “what” questions instead of “how” or “why” questions will help you to retrain the brain.

What questions make your brain search for solutions and how or why questions leave you in a place of wanting. What questions are empowering and how or why questions are victimizing you and leave you waiting.


  • What will it take for me to make a million dollars?
  • How am I going to make a million dollars?

The what question makes your mind search in it’s infinite data base for the solution as the how question leaves you questioning if you can. Feel the difference?

So empower yourself!!!! Ask better questions! The Universe will respond with the answers and you will find them in the silence of the vortex! The most flowing, giving, loving place that you can always tap in to! It is a place of true magic! A place where your dreams become your absolute realities!

So remember these things today…

  • Write your dreams down to make them real
  • Meditation is the way to center
  • Ask better questions

I have new guided meditations & manifestation video on the Inspirational Music & Videos & My Favorite Guided Meditations tabs on this website. Please watch and learn. I am bringing tools forth everyday to inspire and guide you on your journey.

I love that we are doing this together! This is AWESOME!!!

Please Like, Share and Follow my website!!! I am grateful for all your love!!!! If you have any questions, please comment.

If you would like a personal Oracle reading please let me know!

I love you all!!!!

Thank you! Thank You! THANK YOU!!!

Eternally Your in the Vortex



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