360 Days of Gratitude ( Day 21) Change comes in the blink of an eye!


The only constant in the Universe is change

~Deepak Chopra

I’m going to try to keep this short and sweet. Today was and still is a world wind. The Universe is amazing me and I am delighted to see all the signs and just going with the flow. I share this with you all because for the last 21 blogs I have noted my intentions and the Universe is answering in majestic ways.

New things that I have learned:

  • Vocalizing my intentions is actually working!!! My new mantra is…Today is going to be the best day ever! Thank you! 11 magic words that are changing my life
  • Writing my intentions for the day, first thing in the morning is not only my way to focus on what I want, but the Universe’s way of providing it for me. It is almost as if I am tricking my ego into believing this is how it’s gonna roll!!!! And she believes it!!! Yeah!
  • Being focused like a 6 year old is something we all need to remember. Sometimes children’s point of view is the purest viewpoint. We can learn a lot from children and animals.

Today my intention is to generate interest in my workshop. I am at a workshop today for contractors. I work as a public adjuster in my day job. My job that I was to do today was to, generate leads…aka get contractors to work with us!!!

I’m very good at my job and love to network. Sales is second nature for me and I command a room with absolute ease. (See how easy that is)

Today I decided that I would not only get contractors interested in using my company, but get them interested in going to my life coaching spiritual workshop. I kept telling my story about my frogs…guess what? They were totally into it and even better, they want to know when it is so they can go!!! YEAH!!!!

But the Universe is bigger and better than I can imagine…every step and misstep today was greeted with help from the Universe on how I can not only market my company, but free help and advice on how to do it! I had website designers that specialize in construction websites say to me,” I love your story…Let me look at your website for free to get you started.”

Are you kidding me? Really!!! I am so grateful and thankful for today!!!!

Opportunity can come in a blink of an eye and you have to keep your eye on the prize!!!!

Remember it is all about intent, opportunity and action!!!!

I’m chilling for tonight…Happy Exhausted!!!! Excited for tomorrow!!!! Today was the best day ever!!! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!!

Good night Ya’ll

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