360 Days of Gratitude (Day 19) The Journey of Frogs

The Path

The path to success leaves clues. It is paved with good intentions…

But we must remember that it is not in the achievement itself , but the journey along the way.

I have found that in my every success there have been failures along the way that have given me clues or choices. Which way should I traverse this road of desire and what will it take to attain my goal.

I have always done sales through out my life. What’s that saying, “Where there is a will, there is a way.” I have always found a way, even at a young age. I remember that as a very young girl I started in my entrepreneurial ways.

When I was 6 years old I received 25 cents per week for allowance. Back in the 60’s this could buy (believe it or not) a couple of ice creams from the Ice Cream Man. But in the summertime, I wanted more than a couple…I wanted more! So I asked my mom if I could have more money and she said that was all I could get for allowance, that I would have to live with it. So I decided that I would have to figure out a way to get more money.

Being the tomboy that I was then and am today I sized up my environment (my neighborhood) to see what I could do. I couldn’t deliver papers because I was too young or babysit because I was being babysat. Looking at my neighborhood, I saw all the beautiful gardens and had an epiphany.

There are all these beautiful gardens and they all have bugs! What can I offer my neighbors to help them with their bugs and it came to me…FROGS! Frogs eat bugs, frogs are free if you find them and catch them…I will sell them frogs! Don’t laugh!!!! I did sell them frogs!

So I went out to the pond with a bucket and spent the day catching frogs. I was so excited I caught 10 big ole frogs. I was muddy and dirty with mud in my pigtails, but I walked door to door to sell my frogs.

I can only imagine how funny it was to my neighbors to see this muddy little girl asking…

…Do you want to buy a frog? It will eat the bugs in your garden! It’s only 25 cents. Each of my 10 frogs were sold that day and I had enough money for the rest of the summer. Now of course my Mom found out and tried to make me give back the money (which I tried with her by my side) but no one took their quarter back.

Moral to the story…It is better to beg forgiveness than ask permission.

I found out that if I have a dream I have to just go for it and lean into it!

It is through the trial and error that we truly discover what we need to get through to the next level of excellence.

I tell you this silly story to show you how simple it can be and that The Universe will always provide a way, but you must help in the way.

I was clear in my intention!!!! ICE CREAM MONEY!!! The epiphany was not me…it was an inspiration.

The definition of inspiration is: a divine influence or action on a person believed to qualify him or her to receive and communicate sacred revelation. In other words…in spirit = Inspiration

So I set a clear intention at the age of 6 and manifested 10 times what I really needed. Back then $2.50 was like hitting the lottery for a 6 year old. I trusted my inspiration and didn’t even think about the “what if’s”. I didn’t even know there was anything to worry about. I just knew that in my heart that the money was already mine… and it was!

So I am telling you this story to make a point. If you keep your mind clear and clean out all the mess that clutters your mind you too can manifest like a 6 year old. Focus and intention are the key ingredients…but ya can’t cook if you have a messy kitchen.

Now you have to ask yourself the big questions…





Manifestation is part intention and part focus. In order to focus you must first clean your Spiritual Closet in order to make room for your new intentions. That is part of the grid work you need to do! So what is “grid work”?

Grid work is separating the different aspects of your life. It is taking one aspect at a time like, health, finances, love, creativity, work, family or life style and breaking it down to the ridiculous. When I say breaking it down to the ridiculous and creating daily achievable goals.

Example: Money

What would it take for me to make $100,000 per year. Well in the ridiculous we would say…

$100,000/12=$8333.33 per month /4=$2083.33 per week/5=$416.66 per day


This is a question that we can dive into, because it will depend on what you love doing!!!

FYI…This is based on a 48 week year leaving 4 weeks of…VACATION TIME…HELLO!!!

Now this is a basic formula…the number is up to you but you get the jest of it!!

This is totally do-able if you truly want to manifest it!!!

I mean if a six year old in the sixties can manifest a summertime’s supply of ICE CREAM in one day…

What can you do?

PS…I would love your feedback and if you are inspired to inquire about my new Spiritual Closet coaching send me a message! Please Share

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