About Skyridr



My name is Donna and I am a powerful spiritual being that was placed here in this time to teach about love, peace and understanding. I am a spiritual being inhabiting a human body. I am infinite…as we all are.

I am a teacher by nature and have always tried to help others and learn a better way for most of my life. I am an intuitive and have always had a knowing. Some call this clairvoyance or being clairaudient, but I’ve always been psychically connected on some level. I am still on this journey of understanding so I have learned to trust my intuition more and more.

I am a mutt in regards to my heritage. I am English/Irish on my mother’s side and Native American on my father’s side. I’m sure there are more, but I’m not sure what they are. I’ve always connected to my Native American ways of thinking and being, because they simply seemed more attainable and felt more natural.

The Universe is Infinite and so are the possibilities. It teaches us of the magic of Mother Earth, Father Sky, Grandmother Moon and the Great Mystery. It shows me that we are all connected. I have always felt that it is a mixture of all messages that seemed truer to my spirit. Someone once told me that I should take the pieces that touch your heart and throw the rest out! That way there is no confusion. Well that works for me, the best part is that through expansion, the pieces are always changing and growing!

I think that life is a cycle and we are all here (in whatever form we are in) to serve each other.

I am a firm believer that we are all in different cycles in our lives and that the spirit is infinite. I believe that each and every one of us are here for a purpose. I believe that each person we meet, even if it’s just for a moment has meaning. When we meet someone it is for a reason, a season and/or a lifetime. We were sent to them to guide them into one direction or another.

In the past my fear has guided my life but I would not change that path, for it has brought me to this moment in life.

I can honestly say that my true constant now is my love for my life and myself. I am finding that the more you love yourself and are true to who you are, the more you can give to others. The Universe is funny that way!

In the past fear made me run from my life…but the funny thing was, I always brought it with me. I lived a life of self medication and addiction if it wasn’t to alcohol it was to men and desperation. I didn’t realize how incredible a woman I was and I am. But I’m grateful to say that I am know more and more about my Infinite Spirit. I love her!

Now don’t get me wrong, I have my moments and I do trip (quite a bit), but something came to me that I found amazing. I am loved and I am forgiven.

The past is the past. I can either live in the darkness or come out into the Light!

When this realization (finally) came to me, it was like a ton of bricks were lifted from my chest and shoulders and I could breathe again.

I don’t have all the answers, but I am trying to ask better questions. I don’t go for perfection, just a deep and longing satisfaction that belongs to me and I hope to all of us.

My Journey (and I call it just that) is to put love, light and laughter into my life and all that choose to read this little blog.

I will do my best to do this everyday…even if it’s just a picture or just a sentence. But if I don’t then that means something better happened! 🙂 I promise to share! LOL!I want to end this with a little something that I say over and over again from one of my heroes

Quote by Iyanla VanZant

A vision will pull you forward…A vision will pull you through.

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