Oracle Reading for April 27 thru May 3

Reading 4-27 thru 5-3This is going to be a delicious week!  Loving it!

Howdy Everyone and welcome to the next installment of Skyridr’s Oracle Cards Readings. 

We are going to have a fabulous week full of balance, self nurturing, love and guidance with protection.  I am so excited.  I pray over my space for guidance for all of us and for me this is a resounding affirmation of my prayers and intentions.  I hope that this resides with you as well.

Our centering card and guiding card is Corn Woman. She is the Goddess of Nourishment. She is a Native American Goddess and resides over Mother Earth and the Nourishment she provides us all.  To Native Americans Corn Woman or Corn Mother was sent here to show us the sacredness of honoring your body and all that is given in order to fulfill your body’s need for food.  Before you eat you should give thanks to whatever plant or animal gave it’s life so that you can feed yours.  It is a sacred balance.  Breathe in the energy and let it become one with you.  You should do this in all aspects of your well being.

In every situation you are facing this week…be mindful and grateful.

We start with Listen to Your Intuitive Feelings… In the first part of the week Your angels are telling you to that you are receiving Divine messages, even if you are not noticing them.

Messages come in many different ways.  They can come from emotions you sense, your body may feel different when you come into a certain situations, or you keep hearing them same messages over and over again on the radio, tv or the internet.  You are being urged to trust your intuition and feels.  When you realize the message act upon it as soon as possible.  Sit back and ask your Guardian Angels what the meanings are and how they affect your life.  Maybe it is time to change up your routine or help a friend.  Maybe you have a craving to nurture yourself.  It is time to go within.

In the middle of the week we have Vegetarian/Vegan.  I’m starting to see a pattern! 🙂  The angels are asking you to eat fresh organic fruits & veggies to give you a boost of high life-force energy.  When you do this you will elevate your spiritual frequency.

The angels say that now is the time to ingest only foods or beverages that are free of chemicals.  The Law of Attraction has guided you to consume items that mirror your spiritual path. Ask Arch Angel Raphael to help you adjust your appetite and cravings.  As you eat more healthy foods that are in alignment with your path, you will experience greater clarity, energy and want to do more, flat out and simple! When you do this you will also experience more spiritual clarity as well.  Meditations will be more relaxed, your body will detoxify and you will feel better and have more energy to do the things that make you happy and fulfilled. You will become more of Who you truly are…on the inside.  The one that is young and full of a life!  A place where age is not a number at all but a mindset!  Enter into this time with gratitude and feel the blessings of Health!!!!

At the end of the week we have Twin Flame…oh my!!!!! Could this be the reason you are getting into shape???? I’m counting on it!!!!  Twin Flame is one of two things…Now usually Twin Flames incarnate together during their last lifetime on Earth.  This is the time when the reincarnation cycle is completed and all karma is in balance.  But a Twin Flame can also be your Guardian Angel and guiding you to your soul mate (Romance…HELLO)

Now with in this there are again two scenarios…If you are in a relationship, this could be the perfect timing to spark up a new romance with your significant other…it will be well received and could lead to a fabulous spring/summer romance again.  It’s never too late to add some new something/something to your game.

If you are single…your prayers are being answered!!!  Thank you! Thank You!! Thank YOU!!! Soon a little romance will be entering into your life and it is all good.  So #1 Trust your Intuition #2 Start loving yourself with healthy foods and activities.  I’m not a betting woman, but I’m thinking that your new mindset and new activities from your new lifestyle are going to help you meet this new person.

So it could be a walk in the park or the new gym membership or even bumping into someone at the farmers market.  It’s all good!!!!  Time to trust & love yourself and what you reflect on the inside will come back to you on the outside.  It is the Law of Attraction.

On the weekend we have Archangel Michael!!!!  We are rocking this week!!!  Although He is part of the weekend part of the reading know that He is always with you.  So as you go through this awesome week of self awareness and growth, please note that Archangel Michael is here to give you validation to something that you know or suspected and he is here to guide and protect you. Sometimes it is all about having the courage/backbone to face the things that intimidate you.  What is that saying that when you face your fear it is so much smaller than what you perceived?  Well it’s true here as well!!!  When you are facing life changes it can be a little intimidating…do it anyway!!!!  You are protected and loved!!!!  Have a little confidence…you can do this, you are not alone.  All aspects of this journey you are being protected and provided for…physically, spiritually, financially and energetically.

Well I hope this gives you hope and peace for the coming week!!!  It’s going to be an awesome one!!!!

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360 Days of Gratitude (Day 48) What does #Success mean to me?

FaithHMMM…Good question!

Questions like this are so complicated in the world we live in these days.  Some measure #Success…and that’s a good thing.  You need to know where you are going in order to see how far you’ve come.  But something’s can’t be measured…only felt.

You know I have been pondering what to write lately and I’ve been in a bit of a dry spell. It is a challenge…a grateful challenge. I write based on spiritual inspirations…or something that strikes me as interesting.  I have wrote, but nothing that really gave me goose pimples.  Oh well!  At least I tried…ego sometimes stands in the way of actual publishing though.

So back to topic…I’m sure that I’m not the only one asking themselves that question, but what does it mean to me and what would it take to create this “Success” energy everyday.

I guess that intention has a lot to do with that.  #Success doesn’t have to be this grand quest to find the last million dollars on the planet…although if you guys know of that quest…please give me the 411. LOL

#Success can be the little things that happen in the course of your day…you know the little things that matter.  Are you doing them? Did ya even notice? Are you staying mindful about where you are and what you are doing?

What would it take to be completely drunk in the moment and laugh hysterically at something stupid or better yet…make someone else laugh hysterically?  Something happens in my heart when I can do that for someone else!  It becomes alive with passion.  Awe yes passion!!

Passion is #Success on steroids!!!!  I love it when I see the perfect moment through the lens of my camera.  The picture above is one that I almost missed!!!  I was driving 75 miles an hour and wizzed past this beautiful moment.  Baby I turned around for a second look!!!! Passion is always knowing the magic is just around the corner…I love that!!!  I am (after all) always at the right place at the right time…yes that would be me!!!

#Success is…because you decide it to be so! 

Example:  I have been sitting in my garden and enjoying the spring day…trying to write this very blog and down my foot is a wasp.  He can’t fly.  We just had a big rain so maybe he got wet.  I don’t know, but as I watched him walk around my garden

He starts to climb my little ivy plant.  He was going from leaf to leaf and then he got stuck.  He was at the top of one group of leaves, but he didn’t want to be there and he seemed to be frantic.  He kept trying to get to this other group of leaves, but they were out of his reach and no matter what he did, he kept falling off and then ending up in the same place.

I felt so bad for him, but he didn’t!

This tiny little wasp, kept trying and trying!  He fell off and then he got back on again. Finally he found a new way and reached his goal.  I don’t know why he wasn’t able to fly or why he had to be on this particular leaf, but he didn’t stop! All he cared about was the end result. I know this doesn’t seem like much, but I am not the wasp…and neither are you.

But this is what I learned watching this little wasp…The falls are simply part of the journey.

Hmm…something to think about!


I guess they are right when they say life is 20% of what happens and 80% perception!  So I ask the question how am I perceiving my life…for that matter how do you perceive your life?

Mr. Wasp…had a journey (at least for that moment) and he didn’t let anything stop him from complete his desire to be on that leaf!  He is a #success!  Task well done!

So what is my passion in this moment?  Remember that passion is #success on steroids.

In this moment it is this blog writing it makes me yearn to write more and do more.  I know that I am infinite…as I am a spiritual being in human form and I agreed to come here to finish my mission to give to the collective and grow us back to love, passion, adventure and absolute knowledge.  That is what I agreed to do and I do it with passion!

I am truly a #success when I try to do more, give more, receive more, laugh more, smile more, kiss more, stay connected to the now and learn more about who I am!!!

I sometimes have to remember that I am powerful beyond measure and my life has a purpose, because I live it that way!  My purpose isn’t always clear, so many of the things I’ve done to help others I am totally oblivious too and yet they had significant meaning to someone else. Sometimes it is just a smile you give to a stranger could change their whole day.  It may have given them hope when they had none…you don’t know!!!!  So in saying that, be mindful!  Stay present and in the moment and do it with love.

Remember that we aren’t privy to everything…yet!

But I will tell you this…Being Human is a #Success.  Being Loving is a #Success.  Being a friend to a stranger is a #Success.

So I write this knowing that one of you needed to hear this message and know that you too are powerful & beautiful beyond measure.  Your life is making a difference. In this moment there is more right with you than there is wrong with you…no matter what is wrong with you!

We all are here for a reason and to make a difference.  To bring more love into your life you just have to expect it and it will be there.

I am grateful to each and everyone of you because you inspire me to be a #Success everyday.  Thank you for helping me putting pen to paper today…this is my journey in this moment!

Today is going to be MY BEST DAY EVER!!!

Today I made someone smile and I am grateful!

Thank you! Thank You!! THANK YOU!!!


360 Days of Gratitude (Day 47) City Girl Made for Country Livin

rainbowToday is and has been My Best Day Ever!!!

I am hanging at a friend’s place while he’s out of town. I’m sitting on the front porch as a rainstorm passes by. The sounds and smells are intoxicating and the show is even more exhilarating. There is actually natural color here. I love all the different shades of green! It is surprising the mixture of fragrances that dance with the rain and mixture together is absolutely inspiring to me in this moment.

My friend’s home is an old house built almost 100 years ago. I love that it wears its age. Beautiful workmanship that reminds me of an old craftsman style house. But she’s old and as beautiful as she is wears her age.

The character is appealing…at least to me! LOL

The land is mostly wild but there are some signs of civilization…in the place where there was a garden there are calla lilies growing wild. They are stunningly beautiful fuchsia and white and I love their smell. It makes me wonder when they were planted. No one has really lived in this place for 20 years. Well not until my friend moved in and I know he didn’t do it!

Heck there is a Wisteria that is over 10 feet tall and it has a trunk that twists and turns. It is a vortex unto itself. I love the smell and the purple & yellow flowers it wears them only once in a season. Wildflowers of every color are everywhere. Not just on this property but everywhere. It is a photographer’s dream.

Out here in the country it is all about the beauty in the simple things of life. In my imagination this is what Heaven is like and I am thrilled. I am in Heaven on Earth.

In the distance there is a pasture with a huge forest in the background. I watch in amazement as the deer come out of the forest one by one and feed on the sweet grass in the field. When I first came to this place I was all excited and clod hopping around trying to get my camera and get a shot, now we know each other. They don’t run away anymore…they check me out and then start eating again. It’s almost like their saying, “Oh it’s you!” LOL I have been accepted by the deer!!!! Yeah baby!

There is no way to describe how that feels!!! It makes me feel complete and connected. Awesome feeling!!! I love it here because I AM ONE WITH MOTHER EARTH & THE UNIVERSE.

On one side, She is so powerful and deadly carving the land with wind, lightening and driving rain and on the other hand she is an artist and creates so much love and abundance through the colors of the rainbow. It is a balance and I am blessed to recognize it and am grateful to do so.

There is a passion that exists out here in the country…a freedom if you will.

Even the most irritating things, like a rainy day are magic in the country. It is almost as if Mother Earth is playing her most brilliant concerto just for me.

How blessed are we all to live on this blue and green dot in the middle of the Universe. We are Divinely Blessed and Supremely Favored to live in paradise.

I love this place and this moment in my life to sit on the front porch in a rain storm and listen to life and the songs of Mother Earth. All is well and I drink it in like a cold drink on a hot sunny day. It quenches the thirst in my soul and I am ecstatic with the unfolding.

Sometimes I wish this moment could last forever, but all things in life must change and we must adapt to whatever the moment brings. 

I read this today…It is part of The Secret by Rhonda Byrne

There is a difference between feeling gratitude and appreciation for something and feeling attachment. Gratitude and appreciation are states of pure love and attachment contains fear of losing what you are attached too. When it comes to something you want in your life gratitude and appreciation attracts more of it into your life while attachment pushes it away.

So to remove the attachment, you must keep shifting your state. Shift your state until you come into alignment with the feeling of gratitude and appreciation. Once you have done this you will find that fear is no longer associated and you become a vibrational match to that which you desire.

Now I know I’m paraphrasing but I hope you get the picture!!! It is all about being in a state of love and appreciating what is in that moment. Release that which does not serve you. It’s blocking your flow chickadees!!!

Remember that when you go with the flow and loving accept all that is…You can manifest a rainbow in a storm too!!!

Living all countrified and stuff in my cute little rainbow vortex

Thank you! Thank You!! THANK YOU!!!


360 Days of Gratitude (Day 46) Love is an open door

IMG_0102Remember that you are large and in charge of your happiness so do it with PASSION!

I’m making this short and sweet.  (Not my style at all)  But there is so much in life to be grateful for  and I am grateful for this moment in particular.

The sky is this stunning shade of blue and the white billowy clouds are just floating through the air and meandering in front of my window!  There are new wildflowers EVERYWHERE and spring is in the air.  I love this smell!!!  The rain just coated my babies and the new color is everywhere…

I am grateful for all the love in my life and all the new manifestations that I create in each and every moment of it.

I saw this fabulous video on FB today that sent me skyrocketing with delight and I am so grateful I did!!!!  It is a little maybe 3 or 4 and her mom singing a song called Love is an Open Door!!!  Such playfulness and happiness.  Kids are contagious when it comes to happiness.  I love it and I want to catch their vibration.  We can learn so much from babies!!!  After all they are off the breathe of Angels.  They are pure love and I want to breathe it in with every fiber of my being!!!

I love all the possibilities it is FABTABULOUS!!!  It only reminds me that which I already know…

We have this moment only and everything else is an illusion.  So today I am going to love the one I’m with…THAT WOULD BE ME!!!  ❤   🙂


Sailing passionately into my Vortex


Please share, comment , follow, like ,love, tweet, send to Oprah, or whatever you need to do to share the love!!!!!  Kissez

360 Days of Gratitude (Day 45) Find a Passion & Pursue it!!!

IMG_0115Today I AM the Passion That Sails a Thousand Ships

I am that passion and grateful for each and every moment that brought me to this point!  Today is the best day of my life and I live it with all that I am.  I am blessed and Divinely Favored.  I am exactly where I need to be to make manifest the magic that creates worlds.

I am that and more…

It has been an amazing few days.  I feel as if I am floating and my feet are yet to touch the ground.  I have a vision and it comes more into alignment each and everyday.  Sometimes in small ripples and sometimes in a roaring wave of the complete and utter expansion in my heart.  I am grateful!!!

Today is the moment that I create my magic, because everything is perfect in this moment.

I am grateful that my new path is opening up before my very eyes and I can see it clearly! Today my steps and my vision are starting to roll forward and my first steps to becoming a master teacher has already come to fruition and I delight in this sweet dance beneath the stars of my creation.

It is my blessing to travel the world and teach about the love of manifestation and living in vibrational harmony.  It is all about the love and with this love all things are possible.

It is in this expectation that I hold that these visions will come to fruition. There is no doubt…only Faith!  I believe it to be so and so it is!

I am grateful that through my love all these things simply fall into my lap because I expect them to do so!  Because of this faith that I hold close to my heart all the money, travel, love, friendship peace and harmony are One with me now and I am supremely grateful!

Thank you! Thank YOU!! THANK YOU!!!

It was a kick ass awesome day and I had to tell you that I love you all and I am grateful to you all!  You are all my inspiration and you are all in my prayers.  Remember that it is within your visions that you make your dreams come true.  I know that I am rockin this one!!!!

Now go manifest something!!!!!

Love you lots!


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360 Days of Gratitude (Day 44) Living like it matters and it does!

Infinity1I love this!

I’m back for a red hot minute!!!

I have been so busy lately and I am sorry for not keeping in touch, but a girl gets excited when her manifestations start taking off!  It has been a world wind lately.  I finally got off the road for a minute and to be completely honest all I wanted to do was sleep and eat King Cake…so I did! LOL!  What a blast!  I never knew my bed could be so much of a friend…but it is!!!

I am so bless that I have sewn the seeds of my abundance, it has given me so much freedom in my life.  Most of you don’t know it but I work as a PA (Public Adjuster).  I help homeowners & business owners when they need help with their insurance claims.  It is a wonderful profession and if you like helping people it is an awesome way to help people and make a decent living.

 Well the busy season is here and my promise to you is to write at least one blog a week and to do my reading on Sunday.

Today is a rainy day and I find myself in my favorite place…writing.

Now a days I am in the an awesome place and I have more love, light and abundance that I can shake a stick at.  I am grateful for it all!  Sometime though you have to remember where you come from in order to appreciate all that you have…mentally, financially, spiritually.  It is all about living a well balanced life so, if you don’t mind I will share my testimony.  Remember that we all have a story to tell and sometimes they aren’t all pretty…but they need to be told!

Here is some of mine.

I haven’t always been the bright cheery girl that you know today.  It was a journey that brought me here. I have lived, as we all do, with contrast that has molded me and brought me through valleys and plateaus.

Not so long ago my life was a complete mess and I was lost…completely lost with no hope in this world.  I sank into a depression that wouldn’t allow me to breathe so I drank myself into oblivion.  I didn’t want to feel…anything and felt like a complete failure in life.

So at the ripe old age of 44 and living with nothing and no one.  I lived with the fear and wouldn’t allow light into my life.  Everything was a war…that raged from the inside and was reflected back to me on the outside.  I felt absolute guilt from things that happened in my life 30 years before and I bathed in that guilt and said to myself, “This is all you deserve”. Unfortunately I believed that.  I feared everything and everyone.  I was the queen of my own self sabotage!

So here’s a bit of my story and then I will skip to today…

When I was young…I had this amazing gift of sight.  They call it Clairvoyance, but I called it Daydreams.  I would see little things, flashes if you will of the future.  Some were totally awesome and some not so much.  The last vision or daydream that I had came to me in April of 1975.  It was horrifying and scarred the hell out of me because it was about my beloved baby brother Danny.

Danny was the most awesome spirit I had ever known in my short 14 years on this planet.  He was amazing and so accomplished in the short time he was here.  I remember at the age of 2 he could ride a banana seat Schwinn.  We had to hold it up for him to get it going and he was too short to sit on the seat and touch the pedals, but that didn’t stop him.  That little boy rode it perfectly on the first try.  It was funny to watch him…he had no idea what gravity was.  He just did it!  He could do anything he wanted to do and lived his life with NO FEAR!  He tried to do everything and was always in a rush to try something new.  He was in a hurry to live his life, like he knew some secret that no one else knew.

I remember once, my dad came home and Danny was running around the house naked as a jaybird and wearing nothing but a smile.  Daddy said to him, “Get your ass in the bath!”  We were all in the living room and Danny answered him.  He said, “Fuck you old man” and took off out the front door.  LOL We all stood there with mouths gaping wide open in total shock!!!!  Danny was 4 at the time.  OMG was Daddy pissed!

He told me to get his ass back in the house and I ran after him.  To be honest, I was proud of him and his tenacity.  I laughed the whole time I was chasing him down and watching him as his little dingle berries were flapping in the wind.  FREEDOM!  It was hard for me to catch him because I was laughing so hard I almost pee’d my pants.

Finally when I caught him, I told him that you know you have to go back.  He leaned down and picked some yellow dandelions and said that he would give those to Daddy to make up and believe it or not they worked.  He always had a knowing about things. He was an old soul!!!

So back to my “Day Dream”…I remember sitting in the back of the car and we were going to Granny’s house.  I always loved sitting in the back, because no one else liked riding backwards.

It was strange because it took me in like no other daydream before and completely detailed.  I could see my sister (3) her girlfriend Debbie (3) & Danny…he was 5.  We were all so happy and excited because we had this big bag of candy.  We were walking out the door of the store and I could see the parking lot.  I had this brown paper bag full of candy and other items and three kids with me.  I had the girls hold hands and I told Danny to stay by my side.  He was the oldest so I thought he would listen.

As we approached the road I said to the kids, “When I say go, we will run across the road…Okay?”  I looked at the girls to my left and then in a flash Danny took off.  A car was coming and I couldn’t grab him fast enough and he was hit.

This was my Day Dream.  I told my mom, but she told me to stop imagining things that nothing is going to happen to Danny.  One month later he died in the exact same manner.

I remember trying to grab him, but it was as if an energy force was stopping me from moving…everything was in slow motion.  Danny tumbled through the air like a rag doll.  I remember ever time his head hit the pavement.  He flew at least 100 feet tumbling and tumbling and I let out a warrior scream that I know could be heard for  miles.

In that moment, I knocked the girls back and commanded them to stay there as I began to run to Danny. I could see the clerk from the store come out and grab the girls.  All of a sudden, I ran but my feet never touched the ground.  It was as if the Angel that stopped me from saving Danny was flying me to his side.  People across the street that saw it happen told me later that they never saw me move.  I was with the girls one moment and with my brother the next.  They called it teleporting…but I knew it was the angel.

When I reached my baby brother, I gently turned him over and cradled his head.  I could feel that it was crushed.  He opened his eyes for just one moment and said,” I love you…Goodbye”.

Then war cry number 2 and I was screaming for help!  HELP ME!!!!! HELP ME!!!!  HELP MY BROTHER!!!  HE’S HURT BAD HELP ME!!!

I whispered to him, Danny don’t go! Don’t go baby don’t go!!!  I love you baby…don’t leave me!!!

There is so much more to this story.  Especially the part about how I blamed myself for not grabbing him and looking to the right instead of the left first.  But it happened…exactly how it was suppose to and for 30 years I carried that guilt inside of myself and used it as a knife to cut myself.

Needless to say that he is now one of my Guardian Angels.  I sentenced myself to a 30 year sentence and I served it.  That was my choice.  Today I make better choices.  Starting with forgiving myself and releasing it!

This was exactly how Danny’s contract with the Universe was and he knew it.  It was simply his time and I am blessed to have such an awesome brother that loved me then and loves me in this very moment!  He is always with me and loves me with passion.  He knew that his time was short and live it with passion.

He has been my best teacher.  He was mindful about everything he wanted and lived in the moment.  Now I do too!!!

So when I say to you, “Live your life like it matters.” Fucking Do It!  You don’t know what’s around the corner and you don’t know how much life you or your loved ones will be with you!

Live your life with mindfulness.  So many times we just drift off and go somewhere else into the future or the past.  Life is what is!!! Right here, right now-Tuned in, taped in and turned on and you have nothing but this moment…so be in it!  It matters!!!

Check yourself often!  Mindfulness is a practice. Are you sitting with the kids and acting like you are listening but in reality you are checking the score to the game on your phone.  Stop that right now!!!! As long as you are breathing there is more right with you than wrong with you and this moment is precious!  You’ll never have it again.

When you discover what you are and how to live your life like it matters…doors, windows and mystical things start to open for you!!!
Life no matter the circumstances is magical and a learning experience for us all.  There are more ways to love than to you know and I am grateful that I am on this magical path. I am living my life like it matters.  That’s the way my brother lived his life and right here, right now I am living my life the same way too.
It doesn’t really matter what the trauma or drama was or is in your life.  When you live in the NOW all is well and you can face any obstacle.  Life is meant to be fun, but when it’s not…make it fun. Or at the very least make it a learning experience and share your testimony my brothas and sistas!  We are here to serve each other!  We are here to learn…after all this is Earth School. So believe that you too are student and teacher.  Age has nothing to do with knowledge.  After all a 5 year old taught me…although it did take 30 years to master it.
Let my life be a lesson and live your life with passion!

Zero is the clean canvas from which you create your master piece.

So start painting my many Picassos

In dedication to a life well lived…I love you Danny…my best teacher yet. He left this world with the body of a 5 years and the spirit of an Ascended Master ❤

With Much Love & Absolute Compassion



Oracle Card Reading April 13 – 19

April 13 thru 19 ReadingWhat an awesome reading…Kick off your shoes, this is going to be fun!

This is going to be a wondrous week.

Today I am changing it up a bit as I am guided to use the Medicine Way of reading the cards.  Instead of doing the reading based on the time of the week I am reading them as a Native American reading in a Medicine Wheel  format.  So starting from the east and ending in the north with Sacred Mountain (Center Guiding Card).

Seeing that the Butterfly is in the Sacred Mountain and the guiding card we are through the week of  transformation. You are sitting at a crossroads and of spiritual and physical realities. Since all things evolve, this is something you need to understand in order to go forward.  It is an omen of the things to come. It is a time for change.  We must recognize where we are in this change as the butterfly has 4 stages.  During the week to figure out where you are ask yourself the following questions and feel the answer of where you are in your development.

  1. Is this the egg stage: Is it just a thought or idea?
  2. Is this the larva stage: Do I need to make a decision?
  3. Is this the cocoon stage: Am I developing and doing something to make my idea a reality?
  4. Is this the birth stage: Am I sharing my completed idea?

By asking yourself these questions, you will discover how the moment and stage of Butterfly is relating to you.  When you understand where you are, then you will understand what to do next.  This is all about transformation and having the clarity of how to organize your next step.

Cool?  Awesome!!!  Let’s begin!

I am using the wisdom of the Goddess Oracles for each direction.

In the East which is the direction of Enlightenment or Spiritual Path.  It is where your spiritual strength lies and reveals the major challenge for you to see clearly in your present situation.

The Goddess of the East is Lakshmi the Goddess of Abundance!!!  Hello!!!!  Lakshmi has appeared to tell you that is time to nurture your wholeness and live from abundance.  Are you defining yourself from the parameters of scarcity rather that abundance?  Are you focused on scarcity rather than your infinite limitlessness and plenty?  Lakshmi says that abundance is hard to find if you have a poverty mindset and basically you are blocking yourself.  Remember that the way to wholeness is to opening yourself up to the flow of abundance of the Universe.  When you do so you will not only allow it to flow into your life, but you will be drawn to it!  Is it love you search for, a better job (more money), fun, friendship?  Remember that life and abundance in life is any form you choose it to be!!!  In order to call abundance to you…you must call it and believe that it is already yours.  Do this from a conscious place of love and plenty and believe it in your present moment.

In the South is the direction of the Inner Child.  It is what you need to trust in yourself and what you need to nurture yourself in the growing process

The Goddess of the South is Pachamama the Goddess of Healing/Wholing/Holy. Pachamama is an Incan or Peruvian Goddess and she is the Earth in all Her forms.  She awaits you with open arms and says it is time to be embraced and to heal and become whole.  Remember that you are a Holy as you are a Divine Spark and you need to remember that you are sacred. Feel that connection as you are connected with the One and are whole.  It is time to release all that makes you feel divided from Mother Pachamama as she is Mother Earth.  Time to spend some time outside in Mother Pachamama and spend sometime remembering how amazing you are. Stay open and receive the blessings of your child self.

In the West is the direction of Present Life challenges.  It indicates where you goals need attention and how to reach the end you desire.

The Goddess of the West is Vila the Goddess of Shape-Shifting.  Vila is the Goddess of energy moving through the earth as nature. Vila is a consummate shape-shifter and is able to change into any form.  She loves to play and dance.  She is all about abundance or she is all about death.  But remember that it is your choice. Are you feeling stiff or stagnant in the way you are thinking or being? Well Vila is tell you to expand your awareness and enhance your flexibility by gaining a new perspective of another form.  Shift your awareness to one of wholeness by experiencing your life from a new perspective and embrace that wholeness that is within you. It is time to nourish yourself and protect yourself from negative energy.  Think of it this way…you are changing and shifting everyday. Embrace it with a loving and grateful heart and then, more things to be grateful for will enter into your life.  As a shape-shifter you are now able to shed that old skin that no longer serves you and embrace that new, shiny new skin that sits just underneath the surface.  This is the way of the flow and the Universe…have fun with it!

In the North is the Direction of Walking In Wisdom.  This is the card of knowing and the teacher within.  It is all about connecting to you higher-self and your life’s purpose and intention.  

The Goddess is Bast. Bast is the Egyptian Goddess of Play and is directed by the Sun. She is all about life-giving pleasurable aspects of the Sun and the joy, music, dance and the healing of the moon.  Bast comes into your cards to tell you that it is time to divert yourself with something fun! Has play been a low priority in your life? Do you even know how to play? Maybe you have been working too hard and you have forgotten the importance of play.  It is time to rediscover your inner-child and play a little…or a lot! 🙂 In order to be whole you must nurture all sides of your true self and that includes playing…HELLO!  Remember this is a short time that we spend in this human form and enjoying life and playing, laughing, loving & spreading light is part of this life!  Nurture the wholeness the lies in playing!

What an amazing week!  It is a time of transformation and change and is all about connecting to your inner child and a new way of thinking in order to create the abundance you have already manifested.  It is about releasing all that doesn’t serve you and embracing the new and improved you or should I say the Expanded and Enlightened You!  It is all about having fun and creating your new cycle in life.  In all the stages of Butterfly we see that it is a natural cycle that should be embraced and learned with a zest for life…have fun with it!  It is all good!!!!

I love this and in my own personal life I am in the midst of this all as a new and improved me! I am being birthed a new as we speak!!!!  I relish in this unfolding and I have faith that you will too.

I pray that in whatever stage you are in you do it with passion and have fun with it!

Fluttering away into my vortex of creation


If you like this format, let me know as I really enjoyed putting this together for you!!!

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360 Days of Gratitude (Day 43) An Epiphany!!! Eureka!!!


The Rose

As I go through my life and in writing this blog, I am finding out my own truths and looking for purpose. 

I have the intention of growing and being the best me I can.  I have found that the lessons I am teaching to you ARE actually for me.  As I allow Spirit guide me on this quest for knowledge I am finding out who I am and who I am to be.

Sometimes this can be painstaking as I am looking for direction.  Ego stands in the way of progress sometimes and tells me things that I now know aren’t exactly my truths…but I would believe them anyway, because sometimes they seem to be the easy way out.

I would compare myself to others and measure my success against others.  My negative mind talk always is in charge of these moments and I have them just like everyone else.  Fear always love raising it’s nasty head when it gets a chance.  But I have to stop that right now.  Am I always going to be successful in this task.  Probably not!  But those are my times of reflection I guess.  I can’t change my past, but I can change my the way I view it in the rear view mirror.

I haven’t always been the way I am today.  I have lived a life of pain and suffering as we all do.  It is no longer my intention to live there anymore.  I am grateful to be where I am right here and now.  These are my lessons that have brought me to this moment and I wouldn’t change a thing.

I am grateful that I am a recovering alcoholic, it has shown me the light of spirit that I would have never known.  It has taught me how to heal and love myself.

I am grateful for experiencing the life on the street.  It has shown me how to survive and be the strong woman I am today.

I am grateful for the lessons of being a single mom and choosing a man that had nothing to do with our daughter.  He showed me how to give more than I knew I had in the form of unconditional love.  My daughter is and always will be the best thing that has ever happened in my life.

I am grateful that I was homeless…twice. It has shown me that I am loved and that I can always start again.  Tomorrow is a brand new day full of possibilities.

I am grateful to have lost in love more times than I can count…it has shown me that my heart is still to this day open and ready to love again!

I love my life!  It has shown me the best and the worst that life has to offer and FYI  I survived it all! I SURVIVED!


I wouldn’t change a single one of them.  They led me to who and where I am today and I am grateful for each and everyone of them!

Today during my morning meditations I heard Deepak say, “Success isn’t a destination, it is a journey”.  Hell yeah it is!!!!  I succeeded every single time!  I am the most amazing woman to have survived and I am so incredibly grateful for the unfolding.  I am rich beyond measure!!!!

So today as I float through my day of ecstasy, I relish this moment.  It will never be the same again.  I  love the ebb and flow of life and all Her treasures.  I hope that you find your flow today!!!  Thanks for taking this journey with me!!!  I love you guys so much!!!!  My heart overflows with the love you have always shown me and I am the most successful person I know!!!!

Remember that today is going to be the best day ever!!!!

Thank you!  Thank YOU!! THANK YOU!!!

Madly, Passionately In Love With YOU ALL,


Oracle Card Reading for April 6 thur April 12 2015


reading 4-6 thur 12Happy Easter Everyone!

What an exciting time we are in right now. Astrologically and spiritually speaking! Yesterday was not only a Blood Moon as we had the lunar eclipse and out of that came the Pink Moon which represents the Angel Moon. The date of 4-4 signifies this and it is a time of manifesting your dreams.

There are strange things brewing and change is coming! Today I am using the Goddess Oracle Cards by Amy Sophia Marashinsky & the Guiding Card is Medicine Cards by Jamie Sams & David Carson.

As I said we are in a strange time and things are changing so you have to be aware of what is going on. Opossum the center card is telling us that we should expect the unexpected and that it is time to figure out your strategy and be clever in achieving your victory. Opossums medicine is all about strategy. Opossum will play dead to avoid an enemy and even excrete the scent of death to send his enemy away. But all the while Opossum has the ability to fight because he is armed with huge claws and teeth, but rarely uses them. He only uses them as a last resort. Opossum is known for his strategies and uses his instincts for the best way to resolve a situation. Opossum medicine is asking you to not only use your instincts but your brain to leap over any barrier that might present itself this week. It will be your victory and it will be sweet!

As a guiding card this is a good one to have because change is coming as the Goddess Oya steps into the picture in the first part of the week. She is the Goddess of Change. This Yoruban Goddess is the Goddess of Weather especially tornadoes, lightning and fire. She is also a deity of female leadership, persuasive charm and transformation.

This is all about new and exciting change that is coming into your life, but it is also about facing anything that you may have feared in the past and embracing it. It is time to nurture yourself and embrace the power that is within you. It is all about your growth and following your passion! Trust me this is all good!

Life is a dance and it is time to clean up and throw out all the things that are no longer serving you. It is time to embrace your fears and forgive them. They aren’t the big bad monster you thought they are. Don’t resist it…embrace it with a strategy of love and total forgiveness and then release them. Allow yourself to embrace the new growth in your life. When you choose (because it is all about growth) you allow yourself to embrace this dance you call life. You leave yourself space for the flow of growth which is change. Life may be abundant and richly blessed when you embrace change!!!! It’s all good!

Which leads us to the middle of the week as we are embracing this Change…a lot of laughter is on the way with Uzume the Goddess of Laughter. Yeah!!!! I love this Goddess!!! This chick has balls and boobs!!! LOL! She is the Japanese Shaman Goddess that makes fun of ritual. She is known for enticing the Sun Goddess Amaterasu Omi Kami out of her cave with a dance that she exposed her breasts and played with her genitals amidst howls of laughter from the other deities. The laughter was so loud that it brought Amaterasu out of her cave. Gotta dig this Goddess.

During the middle of your week Uzume is telling you to nurture yourself with laughter and not to take things so seriously. When you relax and enjoy life you gain perspective and that’s what you need to help you as you ease through change.

Laughter is the best medicine possible to get yourself into the flow. Stop taking yourself so seriously. Be gentle with yourself and even laugh at yourself. There is humor in every aspect of life…FIND IT!

You are going through a wonderful and amazing change this week. You need to open your heart mind and spirit into your flow with laughter. Regardless of the situation that you face it will all end up to be the best thing that has ever happened to you! When you choose to laugh and see the humor in all of your challenges you gain perspective and in that comes the AHA moments!!!

A strategy and change thru laughter and harmony…hmmm? A no brainer for me…how about you?

Which brings me to our next card and the end of the week with the Goddess Lilith. Guys this is such an awesome reading I have chills!!! Lilith is the Goddess of Power and the Sumerian Queen of Heaven. She is one of the oldest Goddess! She is about power and how you can take back yours. I told you that this reading was all about strategy..well here ya go!

Lilith is telling YOU to TAKE BACK YOUR POWER.

Have you been giving your power away or denying your power? Are you living small as not to offend or diminish others? Stop that shit right now!!! You not only can be powerful…you all ready are!!! For all those who have situations that do not serve them…it’s time to clean house!

Your way to wholeness is through your power and love for yourself. No one is better or less than you are right now in this moment. We are all equals and it is time to claim what’s yours…DIVINELY.

By accepting your power you are also giving others permission to accept theirs and then the wonderful cycle of change thru self love can begin. When you connect with the Divine that is within us all you are connecting with Divine Power that is innately ours to claim.

Don’t be afraid to step into a role that has always been yours to step into all along. Being your most authentic self is the only way to live and living in each and every moment in this way is what you are here for in the first place. Wow…that was awesome!

Which leads me to the end of this reading that to me is the best way to spend the weekend with Demeter the Goddess of Feelings/Emotions. Demeter is a Greek Goddess that was here long before the Olympian male dominated Gods.

Demeter’s name means doorway of the mysterious feminine. it is all about finding your way through the dark and the challenges they hold by accepting, acknowledging and expressing your feelings.

Feelings left unexpressed build up and can create disease other wise known as dis-ease. They take up space inside and keep healthy energy from flowing into your life.

Clean out your spiritual closet boys and girls.

Make space for that which serves you to your higher purpose. Demeter is telling you that you will learn more if you accept and acknowledge your feelings that way you will spend less time in turmoil and more time living the life you are meant to live.

This is a practice. You need to know that the more you do this one thing, the safer you will feel and expressing them. Remember to always do this with love, first for yourself and then to others.

WOW…what an awesome time for all of us!!!!

Just to recap…we are in a time of change and it is a good time to do so. Don’t forget to use a strategy that will work to your benefit and the benefit of others. You come first!!! Release and clean out that which doesn’t serve you and release it with a happy heart full of fun and laughter. When you do this you can regain your power and give others permission to do the same. Acknowledge your feelings along the way and take stock of them at the end of this week as it will be a time of reflection and listening to what your heart and spirit are telling you. Learn who you are and where YOU want to go! This is your life…live it with gusto.

Remember that you have to till the soil in order to make your dreams grow!

In the Vortex of Love…Always


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360 Days of Gratitude (Day 42) I’m Changing Everyday

Blood Moon

I am back and grateful for the unfolding!!!

Hey Everyone,

I’m so glad that this week is coming to an end and a new door is opening.  I am really excited about the full moon…this one is a blood moon which makes it all the more exciting! It is all the more powerful that this is Easter Weekend.

This is powerful energy that in today’s cards the energy is all about change. (I will be posting them later) I know in my life that things are changing at an increasing rate.  I am manifesting my butt off and I am loving it!  All my intentions are coming to fruition…WOW!!!  Even my intuitive powers are on an all time high.

Yesterday I was on a road trip and got lost.  I wasn’t focused on where I was going and then all of a sudden, I was in front of the cemetery that I went to over a year ago for a funeral for one of my friends Dad.  This place is 300 miles from my home and I only been there once in my life and here I am in front of it.  Spirit guided me to the plot.  As I was looking for it, a stranger approached me and asked if I would want a flower to lay on the grave.  I thanked her gratefully.  How often has that ever happened?  Never to me!  But I took it as a sign that there was a message waiting…and there was. It was!!!

I was in a world wind of voices and messages about my life and the life with my friend.  In a way I think it was a message for me about change and release.  Their messages were funny and heart-felt.  I received other voices as well.  It was my beloved Dad & Brother and AA Michael.  They all said that I needed to release what no longer is serving me.

Sometimes that is hard to do because I have in the past used it as a crutch…but I now realize that it was holding me back.  I have come the realization that I deserve better and in releasing it to God will leave my hands open to receive something better.  I am always asking this…Let this happen or something better.  Well Hello!!!!

The winds of change ARE doing that but I need to free it up and make space for it or

I wouldn’t be able to receive it.

I have been doing this but to be honest, not in all the aspects of my life.  I have (as most of us do) been asking for abundance in my financial world…and boy has it been coming in!!!!  I love this because of the independence that it brings me to do ANYTHING I desire.

This week I asked for a closed contract to fill my funnel. This is what appeared 🙂

I wrote a contract that will bring into my house $30000.

Well not only did I close that contract, but…

I received calls by 2 potential clients & 2 contractors that each have 5 clients for me!!!!  I love my life!  Potentially they represent another $40,000 in my house!!!!

Are you kidding me!  These things materialized in one fricken day!!!  It is all about focus and intention!

I am rocking this wave.

This is the perfect time with the Blood Full Moon, to figure out where your life is going…I know I am!!!

I am not hanging any conditions on how any of this is showing up, I am just staying dedicated to the flow and work the action steps I am taking.

I wrote about this in my SMART series, I hope some of you will look at it. This could be a game changer for you… Ya never know until you try. Remember if you don’t try…the answer is always NO.

With the Blood Moon I am intending the following as this is a powerful time for manifestation.


  •  Today I am grateful for the new bounty that floods into my life with passion of a raging river.  Money now flows to me in expected and unexpected ways and it is delicious!  I love the way it feels when I see my bank account grow in 5 digit ways.  Let this happen or something better.
  • Today I am grateful for having the ways and means to completely fix my body so that I am able to accomplish my goals in life.  I love to travel and see the world and hike it all!  I love having my camera with me and taking the most inspiring pictures that make people gasp with the beauty that they possess. I love to inspire people with the EYE OF GOD.  Let this happen or something better.
  • Today I am grateful to be an exciting new author on the seen and not only do people love my passion.  They tell their friends and family to read this book and go to this workshop!!! This girl knows her shit.  It worked for me and it will work for you.  I now have 100’s of thousand of people that not only follow my blog, but pay me top dollar for my advice and direction.  They are motivated and inspired by my workshops and I am now a thought leader and best selling author with Hay House and I am on the right track to appearing on Oprah!!!  That’s my dream and I am sticking to it!  Let this happen or something better
  • Today I am grateful to be in the most exciting relationship of my life.  I am grateful that after 55 years I have met the man of my dreams.  He is tall, handsome, passionate, financial stable, sexy beyond measure and most of all spiritual and he teaches me new wonderful exciting things everyday.  We have the best sex life EVER and my toes are always curled!!!! YUMMINESS! We travel the world together and he is my partner in crime and passion.  He is creative and loves my work.  He is my inspiration and absolute cheerleader.  I am so in love!  Let this happen or something better.
  • Today I am grateful & I am living in my new home with my family.  I love being home in California again.  It is a place where I find my center it is my place of grounding and where my heart has always been. I have come full circle and it feels delicious! Let this happen or something better.
  •  My daughter is now living close by and I am grateful that our lives are so interconnected.  She loves living in California. I am so happy to see her thrive and living a bountiful life.  She is living her passion and we are living our passions…TOGETHER!  Let this happen or something better.

Thank you! Thank You!! THANK YOU !!!

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