360 Days of Gratitude (Day 37) What does it take to be SMART?

I deserve the best

Spiritually SMART

How to find success in all aspects of your life.

Last week we touched on what it takes to have a fulfilling year in manifesting your goals.

I have used this formula before with wonderful results.

The seven steps to success & fulfillment are all about

  • Getting Clear
  • Getting Certain
  • Getting Excited
  • Getting Focus
  • Getting Committed
  • Getting Momentum
  • Getting S.M.A.R.T

In the world of success this is the formula that is utilized. It is not only a formula for the success of financial abundance, but all of aspects of our lives.

“One reason so few of us achieve what we truly want is that we never direct our focus; we never concentrate our power. Most people dabble their way through life, never deciding to master anything in particular.” – Tony Robbins

This week we are going to dive into matching this with the spiritual formula of SMART.

This is a meditation that I am doing with Deepak Chopra.

This formula is true with your spirituality as well. Sometimes we wait, when we should be acting on our passions. Today is the only day like this one your will ever know. Why waste it waiting on the wrong what ifs.

What if we created opportunities ourselves instead of waiting on someone else or something else to make the time perfect? What if you designed the plan for success yourself? What can you do right now to make in difference in your life today?

What can I do right here, right now…tuned in, tapped in and turned on that can change my life right now?

Making choices from the wisdom that comes from within is all about stretching your heart and your mind and trusting yourself. Make each choice made with the knowledge that the world is on your side and will reflect back to you your own intention you have for yourself.

Choose love and generosity and stay open to the possibilities, always be optimistic! Mental stretching allows you to open yourself up to make SMART choices. When you do this you can watch the miracles to open up to you.

I am making better choices every day! Life is the dancer and you are the dance.

Be one with the dance. ~Eckhart Tolle


S- Stands for Stretching more than you can reach.

Stretching is a way for you to acquire more awareness and opening yourself up to bigger and better things. A stretch is like a mental yoga class…instead of making your body limber it is about putting your mind into a new place. So ground yourself with this thought for centering…

When you open yourself up to new thoughts you are open to new possibilities without judgment and are open to any and all new advice. When you do this, you then are showing value those who have walked the path before you.

When you do this you then reveal more about yourself than you usual would have and open yourself up to your vulnerabilities. When you do this, you discover more about yourself to yourself.

It’s all about being opened instead of being closed.

You are allowing yourself to grow. Just as if you were going to the gym. You stretch your muscles before you work out, in the same way by stretching your heart and mind and you are stretching your possibilities. When you do this you are looking at new possibilities without judgements or prejudices and looking at it at a new angle.

Whenever you stretch your mind by new thoughts and embrace them you can never be threatened by them. They are your lessons in growth. They are here to make you strong and confident within yourself.

Remember that choices and actions are linked.

So what actions do you want to do to achieve in order to create your success?

Remember action is the key to all foundational success ~Picasso

Remember that every day is all about the choices that you make and that you are in charge of your choices. If you embrace and enjoy making decisions and do them with optimism you then make your success a reality.

Our next blog will be about the “M” in SMART Measuring What Matters.

This is a powerful tool to get you started on your manifestation journey…You are going to love this! It’s all about being Abundant right here right now…

Stay Tuned In, Taped In and Totally Turned On

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