360 Days of Gratitude (Day 35) My Manifestation Prayer

Manifestation prayerToday is going to be the best day ever!

I am so excited & grateful for this day!

It is the first day of true manifestation and it feels delicious! I am grateful to be in the arms of Mother Nature & to listen to Her healing songs. I love listening to Her songs of faith!  I love listening to my winged brothers & sisters sing to me…songs of loving abundance to exists everywhere and I am grateful! Today as I watch the cycle of change in the air & sky on the ground w/ flowers blooming all around…I am grateful!  I am grateful that this is my life cycle as well!

As Mother Earth sheds Her old skin I will follow Her lead!

Today I shed the things that no longer serve me!  Today I make space and release the things that no longer serve my best and highest purpose.  As I do so, a make space for the things that lift me up and give me wings to soar among the clouds of My Creation.

Today I am happier than I have ever been!  I make space for love, hope & laughter.  I live completely in the moment…for this is the best moment ever!

Today I make connections that are purposeful and abundant for all.

Today I am financially abundant and the abundance comes to me in cascades like a waterfall.

Today I walk with purpose and I do it in a conscious manner and love every moment of living.

Today I allow love to flow freely to me and I do so with open arms, mind & spirit.

Today I welcome abundance to flow freely to me!  I love money for it serves me and helps me to achieve my dreams and allows me to serve others create their dreams!  I welcome and invite it to flow freely to me with open arms, mind & spirit.

Today I welcome perfect health to flow freely to me!  I am grateful that I am healthy and I am able to walk through my life without challenge.  My body heals more and more everyday and I am grateful for the unfolding.  I am grateful to hike and walk for hours on end!  I love being with nature!  I love feeling the fullness which is my body in action. I welcome this with open mind, body & spirit. Let this happen or something better.

I love my spirit & my creative vision.  I am so grateful that I have the “Eyes of God” & all the beauty that resides with me!  I am grateful for the gift of Expression.

I love my life and each piece that brings me closer to The One!

I am Grateful! I am Whole ! I am One.

Thank you! Thank You! THANK YOU!!!

In the Vortex of My Creation,


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