360 Days of Gratitude (Day 30) Beyond Happy & In The Vortex

Gold & moneyThe Universe is always surprising me with abundance in new and exciting ways!

I am so excited today!!!  I am so grateful that I am totally in the flow of my Vortex and it is revealing the scrumptiousness of each and every moment of it!  I am grateful that today is my best day ever! Thank you Thank you Thank YOU!!!!

Today I MANIFESTED 3 more paying clients and The Great I AM & I are One!

Yesterday, you were shown about the clearing process.  When you are clear of lower energies, you heart and spirit are lifted.  When you stop all the negative mind talk and fear based messages and release them, then you make space for all the new wonderful, exciting energies to come in.

This process is different for everyone as far as how much time this will take, but I have to say this to you. Don’t Give Up!!!  You are almost there and you are doing so well!  I am proud of you!!!

dont give up1Every event in your life has led you to this moment!

So now that we have cleared away all the crap that has been holding you back (Including YOU) let’s start this with a new fresh renewed energy!

  • What are you going to DECIDE what you want to do?
  • What will you ALLOW your spirit to say?
  • What are the new dreams that you have always had?  YOU KNOW THIS!
  • What does it mean to you to be tuned in, taped in and totally tuned on to yourself?
  • What can you do in this moment to be the happiest me?
  • What makes you so passionate that you scream with delight?  🙂
  • How can you start each and everyday with an attitude of gratitude?

You know all these answers!!!  You have had these dreams your whole life!!!  Trust your instincts and know that all is well.

There are so many tools to help you on your quest!!!  A virtual plethora of wisdom and 50+ years of experience!  So seeings that is Saturday I want to share this little tidbit of advice! We can get into it more on Monday.

A dream is just a dream…until you write it down and make it real!!!! GET IT?


I am so proud of me today!!!  This is my 30th day of my blog and I love sharing with you more today than the day I started!  Thank you for joining me on this journey!  A day at a time…in my moccasins!

Namaste Ya’ll


PS…Please Like Share Comment & Follow my blog…I love hearing from you1  It fills my heart with absolute joy!

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