360 Days of Gratitude (Day 28) Manifesting Everything!

I love the rainWhat Does It Take To Create Abundance?

“The Law of Attraction states that all forms of matter and energy are attracted to that which is of a like vibration. The implications of this law are vast, and the law holds true for all known Universes. “That which is like unto itself is drawn.” The thoughts we hold attract similar thoughts and become large masses of thought called thought forms. The general vibration that a person holds is representative of the balance of their thoughts. As we become aware or conscious of our thoughts, we can raise our vibration by setting forth thoughts that are more in harmony with our desires. When our thoughts are in harmony with our highest desires, we are filled with joy and ecstasy. When we learn to set forth our thoughts consciously, we are no longer victims of our own outdated programming. We increasingly attract thought of a higher vibration and raise the level of thought at which we habitually vibrate.”

~ Abraham (Esther & Jerry Hicks) ~
What are your thinking about?

With just the knowledge that you can change your destiny in a moment. Would You?

Do you want more of in your life?


Money, Passion, Adventure, Better Job, Exciting Relationships

Then start with better feeling thoughts!  Abraham tells us that in order to get into our Vortex we must flow into it!  To stay in our vortex 17 seconds we must Rampage!!! Are you tuned in, tapped in and turned on…about what you want or are you tapping into that which does not serve you?

How often are you rampaging about the wrong thing?  You know what I’m talking about, all those “I Am” statements you keep making.

  • I am tired
  • I am broke
  • I am sick

You realize that you are telling The Universe that I am, these things (fill in the blank)  When you say ” I AM” you are commanding The Universe to bring you these things!!!  I AM, That I Am.  Your words and thoughts are powerful catalysts. This is the secret of all creation and that is how POWERFUL you are!  You are a Divine Spark of The Great I AM.  You are created in the image of God. We are not talking of the flesh but of the spirit.  When you make these statements you are living in lower energies and therefore attracting them, because you are asking for them.

The human mind thinks over 60,000 thoughts a day. 40,000 of them are repeat thoughts and 20,000 of them are negative.  Are you listening to me?  20,000 negative thoughts a day!!!!!  Your subconscious mind is more powerful than you conscious mind…but there is a soul-lution!

The soul-lution is gratitude!!!!  So simple!!!  But so true!!!

Change your negative statements, change your powerful vernacular.  I know for some it won’t be the easiest thing…unless of course you decide that this is what I want in my life!!!!  Then it will be easy peasy! Start with the basics…

  • Instead of I am tired say, “I am grateful that I am catching my second breathe”
  • Instead of I am broke say, “I am grateful for my incoming wealth”
  • Instead of I am sick say, ” I am grateful that I am always healthy”

There is a vibrational difference that you can feel with the different statements. If you want to get into your vortex you have find  your alignment.  I have found a trick to stop your self sabotage.



I know this sound cheesy, but it works.  These 11 words actually trick the subconscious into believing that, This IS the best day ever!!! Don’t believe me…try it for yourself!!!

FYI…I am never tired, Money is the easiest thing to manifest and I haven’t been sick for over 3 years and I play with my granddaughter who always has some kind of bug!!!!

We are all connected with this powerful knowledge!!!  We are all a spark of the Divine!  Don’t forget that!!!

Tomorrow, I will share the tools you need to set this in motion!!!! 

I am so grateful that I am able to share with you these Spirit inspired messages that are channeled to you all today!!!

Thank you! Thank You! THANK YOU!!!!

Please like and share this blog with your friends and family!  Please comment below if you have any questions! We are all here to serve and help each other! Together we can make a difference and create a more loving and peaceful place!




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