360 Days of Gratitude (Day 17) Releasing with a Grateful Heart

Reflecting Peace


Sorry I haven’t been around for the last few days.  I feel like a snake of sorts…shedding my old skin.  It has been an interesting few days.  But I must say as much as it was a difficult few days it has shown me so much and I now feel a new sense of relief because of it. I survived again!!!!

I have been getting all these signs of how I need to change and how my path is changing as well. Well today I figured it out!

The first step truly in any life changing event is to embrace it and to be honest about it.  I have been for the last few months fighting it tooth and nail.  My expectations, have been blown up all over the place and it has put me in this spot where I am today. I was angry and unsatisfied with the events that have happened…but I don’t need to be here.  This only serves to keep me in a place that slows my flow.

Today, I finally realized it…in this, beautiful peaceful place where everything stood still for just this moment. Isn’t it beautiful?

I am grateful for the presence of peace that I received today.  My initial intention was just to be a healthier me.  I am a woman on a healing mission.  So my intention was to walk for 15 minutes without a cane and without any crutches.  My intention is that in the next 2 weeks I will not only be walking, hiking and dancing…but doing it without any pain and without any limp.  I am the Creator of my Divine Spark of the Universe…so why not?

To my delight, the Universe and Her Infinite possibilities brought me to this delicious place. I had many choices…but this is where I came to begin my journey.  I pondered so many things and none of them had to do with my situations that are changing or the pain that I used to endure on a daily basis.  It was all about this beautiful moment.  It was all about me seeing with my own eyes the peace of slowing down and savoring.  Savoring the moment is the key. It is delicious!

I began this journey (as most of us do) with trepidation and fear.  The unknown can be a scary place.  We are looking for the end result and if we don’t see positive results immediately many negatives can go through our minds and we give up.  I call it, ” Negative Mind Talk” but that is the ego trying to keep us in check because the ego doesn’t see us as infinite.  The ego doesn’t see our faith and our dreams of living in the infinite possibilities that our spirit sees in every moment of this brief existence.

Every time we stubble and fall, spirit knows that was because there was something to learn and go forward. Spirit knows we will need this experience to get through the next trial and instead of failure it will be our success.  Ego on the other hand tells us, “I told you that it’s not going to work! You have failed again!” I have failed many times in my life,(so glad I don’t always listen)  but I am grateful because it brings me to where I am today.  I am a Healed Heart!  I am a Strong Body!  I am a Supernatural Spirit.  I am a Creative Genius!  I am Blessed!  I am Grateful!

My intention is to be stronger and faster today than I was yesterday.

So I ask myself in the knowing of ego and the knowing of spirit…how can we get these two on the same page? LOL  Good damn question!  The only thing that has helped me is to feel my way through it.  In my experience, I have denied ego or gotten so entrenched in the self loathing that I pushed it and everything else away.  That is denying myself and my shadow.  Instead, I have found that embracing her and loving her has served me much better! It is in acknowledging the pain instead of putting up a wall that I am able to 1. Learn from the experience and 2. Find a better way.

When you let spirit and ego in as a team you find both your strengths and weaknesses and then your path becomes clearer.

So today, my weakness is asking me, am I always going to suffer in this pain that my body has possessed for nearly two years?  The answer is no.  Flat out and simple! I am in such a better place today than I was just one month ago.  The Universe has put me in the right place at the right time with all the right tools that I need to create healing and it is working!!!!

Today, I did something that I haven’t done in almost two years…I walked 1/4 mile without assistance.  It is a freaking miracle! My hip is sore ,but new muscles are firing that haven’t fired in a while.  My ankle didn’t even hurt at all!!!!  I love this. I am manifesting the most amazing miracle of all…complete healing.  The doctors that said it couldn’t happen!

They are gonna freak!!!!!


I have manifested my body’s complete healing through Faith, Quantum Healing, Meditation, Water, and Healing Nutrition. Oh yeah and let’s not forget my team of Angels!!!!  I am grateful for all of my Angels for hearing my prayers and sending me Earth Angels with healing powers to assist me along on my journey.  A special shout out to Joyce and AA Raphael!!!!  You bring peace and love to my journey and I am inspired and grateful!  Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

Also I manifested almost $500 today and another $1900 in 2 more weeks.  I actually asked the Universe for this and low and behold the Universe answered with not only a Yes, but I also have something better!!!  Life is good!

The Law of Attraction is not only real…but powerful beyond measure!




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  1. Janis March 5, 2015 / 9:08 AM

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    You should show your content to wider audience.

    There is a big chance to go viral.

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