360 Days of Gratitude ( Day 16) I am the Alchemist

The Universe

I love this stage of my life where all things are possible and all I need to is be open to finding out what it is to discover my “Personal Legend”. A journey that we are all on!

There is a book, by Paulo Coehlo which is known world wide but to me only recently called, “The Alchemist”. It is a story of Santiago and his journey.  Although this story takes place several hundred years ago…it is a story that applies to this day.

It is the journey of the soul and to find meaning, passion, courage and magic.  We are all searching, and yet sometimes we have our blinders on so tight that we can’t see what is beckoning us.

Santiago had a vision, of marrying his true love and living a humble life as a shepherd. But sometimes our path will take us in different directions. As in Santiago’s quest we ask ourselves the question…

Are we open to finding  our own passions and true desires?

Throughout this journey there were signs for Santiago, they came in the form of dreams and mysterious signs. It was an energy that made him go for something more if only in that very moment.  I have to ask myself and you as well…how many times have you been pulled or directed spiritually?  How many times has that happened to you?

I know that I have been pulled so many times and ended up in precarious situations that have changed all my plans and directed me in a different direction all together.  At first, (at least for me) there is self-judgement in changing directions. There can also be fear of the unknown.  Sometimes you can fear losing it all…that is always a biggie for me.  But then something happens and there is a shift.  The shift can be either embraced or ignored, but there is a shift none the less.

You can choose to do with the shift what you will or maybe just maybe you can run with it! Use all that you know and love to your advantage and change your stars.  What would it take for me to follow my “Personal Legend” and love the experience of doing so!?  I am so grateful for this chance in my life.  I am an Alchemist of my own life.  I can change all the things in my life, if I choose to do so.

I am an amazing artist and I am grateful to have this format to change my stars and embrace it with all the passion that exists in my spirit. I am an Infinite Spirit and I am Divinely inspired in all that I do.  Spirit is always directly me and giving me signposts along the way. I am a beautifully crazy and a whimsical woman who believes that everything is possible.

My motto is, ” I am always in the right place at the right time”.  Guess what?  I always am.  Wanna know why?

Because good, bad or indifferent all the past events of my life have brought me to this place and it has 100% been my choice.  All the things in my life have given me the ability to do the things that I love the most.  I have changed shit into gold more times than you can possibly imagine.  The reason why is that, I always told myself that I can do this and make it better.

I have been all over the world and seen things from the light and from the dark.  Don’t get me wrong, I do have fear/darkness in my life, but I eventually see that this right place at this right time is my lesson.   I always have and always will survive the experience.

It is in the embracing that we learn.

In the story, Santiago taught me that even though I have an end vision in mind and even a direction that I think I should go…don’t fear the detour.  It’s the Universe’s way of saying, ” I have something better for you”.

So what if you do have to do something different?  What will you do to keep the spirit of the Universe’s flow with you? What would it take for me to create the kind of abundance that I desire?  What would it take for me to realize my destiny?  What do I have to release in order to create space for the abundance of my own Personal Legend? What would it take for me to be in the right place at the right time?

Things to ponder…

Sorry about all the questions, but I have a feeling that a few of us may need to ask them. I know this has been cathartic for me. After all, we are all one in this big crazy world that we live in.

Divinely Guided,


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