360 Days Of Gratitude (Day 12) I Am Grateful for Diversity of My Vortex!


Sometimes life just amazes me.

I made a promise to myself to document my year.  So far so good!  Many things keep falling in my lap that I really should start noticing more.  I know that my path of least resistance is definitely my creativity.  It keeps me in my vortex, where I could play for hours!!!  I love writing, painting, my photography.  I think sometimes, the photography is my favorite.  It gets me out and exploring. It shows me secrets that Mother Earth has to offer and it allows me to be a kid again.  Yes a kid and I love it!!!

I was a little defeated thinking that no one was noticing my little posts…it’s an ego thing.  But to my great surprise…I am being watched.  I just discovered that I am being read in over 30 countries in just the last 2 weeks.

I’m not sure if you were just attracted to my photos or my words…and truly it is none of my business.  But I do want to thank you all for staying with me on this journey.  It is going to be a wonderous ride!

2015 is the year of manifestations and I am grateful for all your help in me achieving my dreams of being known WORLD WIDE!!!!  It has always been my dream to inspire people from all over the world and here I am doing just that!  Dream realized!!!!  Thank you for allowing me to be part of your world!

Even with all of our diverse cultures, we all have 1 thing in common.  Love!!!! We are all One and there is no difference when it comes to that.  We all truly want to live our dreams and help each other!  It is in the giving that we receive and I am just grateful for this rollercoaster of a ride!!!!


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