360 Days of Gratitude (Day 8) I Am That…I Am

Hold my heart4

Today is the perfect day to make manifest your dreams and desires.

I Am That…I Am are the Universal words that put those dreams into motion.

As I go through the day today I am creating the masterpiece of the ages. I Am the energy that God uses to put paint to canvas. I Am the Magic!  I Am the Light. I Am the Passion. I Am Love. I Am Abundant. I Am a Seeker of Enlightenment.  I Am Grateful. I Am Rich beyond my Wildest Dreams. I Am a World Speaker!  I Am Seen!  I Am Loved. I Am Vital. I Am the Change I Want to See In The World. I Am Beautiful. I Am here for a reason for I Am That…I Am!

What do you wish to create and make manifest into your life?

Start with those 5 words

I Am That…I Am

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