360 Days of Gratitude (Day 2) What can you do?

lakeside1 (2)

I am so happy today!!!!  I am grateful for all that life offers me!  I am grateful that no matter how hard life seems, there is always a light that shines through the darkness.

Yesterday was a day of adventure and discovery.  I was blessed to help multiple friends both spiritually and in business.  There is such a feeling of satisfaction that comes when you look outside yourself and give of your heart.

There are many mentors in my life for which I am absolutely grateful for.

I am grateful for the guy on the corner that is asking for 60 cents from 100 people so he can house his family for 1 more night in a hotel.  I am grateful for the friend that stands by me when I totally mess up, because she knows that I am not only going to climb out of that hole, but achieve greatness. (LD) I am grateful that I am the first person thought of when they need help and they feel safe knowing that I will be that shoulder they needed. I am grateful for the love of an animal or a child!  I am grateful for the feeling that I get every time I see a hawk in flight. I am grateful for the words ” I love you”.

They have taught me what I want in my life and what I don’t want. It is in the contrast of life when we discover our truths. We do not live in a world of Black and White.  The rainbow of life gives us such diversity.

So today, this is who I am…

-I am a beautiful and talented woman who is an expression of God’s Divine love.

-I am a successful artist and my work and words inspire the masses.

-I am an Earth Angel sent here to help God manifest the prayers of all that I know and don’t know.

-I am grateful that I can see all the small miracles!

-I am a successful business woman and I am grateful to be able to help through the art of negotiation.

-I am grateful that I am rich beyond my wildest dreams and money finds its way to me in expected and unexpected ways.

-I am grateful that I am a dreamer, a believer, a mighty manifester and the creator of my world.

It is through faith and action that I create my wildest dreams. It is because I believe that my dreams of being a writer, a world famous photographer/ artist and spiritual leader that these dreams and more shall come to me.

Our imaginations ARE our possibilities!!!!  This is the year!  2015 is the year of Infinite Possibilities!

I read this quote and it is quite fitting for today!!!

“Set your goals so big that if you ever achieved it…it would BLOW your mind.”


Happy Manifesting!

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