360 Days of Gratitude in 2015…A Journey One Day at a Time

Ancient Love

Three Hundred and Sixty Days of Gratitude

A Journey One Day at a Time in 2015

By: Skyridr


Day 1

I am making promises to myself of the following items that hold me from realizing my inspirations:

Promise #1  I promise myself that I will leave the house everyday for at least 1 hour.  I need this time to decompress, breathe and think things though that may bring fear into my life.

Promise #2  I will walk everyday to strengthen my legs, hips and mind.  I need to clear my energy!

Promise #3  I will eat healthy foods that I enjoy at least once a day. 

Promise #4  I will meditate everyday in order to focus my mind.

Promise #5  I will create a chart with dates that will show what my negative mind talk is and what the positive clearing talk is.  this will help me to see the truth of my situations in present time.  it is important to keep it real.

Promise #6  I will schedule my life in a calendar of events so I can clearly see where I am going and where I came from.  I need to chart my successes.

Promise #7  I will not judge people that I am not compatible with.  I will not compete with them.  For what they think is NONE of my business.

Promise #8  I will love myself unconditionally.  This is my path, my road, my life…Love starts in the home!!!  Remember that Donna!

Promise #9  I will strive to be and do better today than I did yesterday.  I will stop judging myself!!!!

Promise #10 I will keep these promises! They may change as the year goes by, but you have to start some where and here is my jumping off spot!

                    I love you girl.  You are awesome and the strongest woman I know!  You love a life filled with hope and inspiration, so let’s start by inspiring YOU!!!

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