Today I have found the most incredible inspiration.

My Inspiration

It is a typical Thursday and I am taking a lunch break and going thru my Facebook and I was delivered this incredible breathe of fresh air.  Her name is Patty. She and her dance partner Nicko are performing on Britain’s Got Talent.

At first you can see that the judges were quite the doubters, (They didn’t see her vision) in fact they were borderline rude. They asked, “If I may ask, how old are you?” She with her head held high said,” In June I will be 80 years old.  Simon, even asked,” Do you think you can win?” Patty replied, ” Well that would be nice, but if people get pleasure out of our dance…that would be good enough for me.” So humble…I loved that about her!

Patty and Nicko’s dance started slow and smooth.  You could see even at this point that Patty had beautiful legs and she was as talented as any woman 1/3 her age. You could see in the audience that people thought, this dance would be mondane and boring. Even Simon was yawning.  I guess he had enough, because as Nicko was taking his jacket off to continue the dance, he hit his buzzer.

The looks on Patty and Nicko’s face was heartbreaking, but this is where it got good.

Patty and Nicko went forward regardless of other people’s opinion.  They didn’t care what Simon thought because in truth…it wasn’t his dream. The dream was theirs and no one was going to stop them.  The determination and grace under fire was incredible. They soldiered on…boy did they!

They didn’t allow anything to disturb their peace. This was their moment and they blew everyone’s socks off!!!!  It was awesome!

Nicko was doing a tango with Patty that you would see in a ballroom dancing competition.  They were dancing to win.  The audience was on their feet and screaming with delight.  People (including the judges) were oohing and awing with each toss of Patty in the air, with each flip, with each spin on the floor.  Holy moly this is an 80 year old woman doing all these acrobatics.  Yes!!!!!! I was even clapping along…the energy was so intense!!!!

At the end of the performance, they received a standing ovation and even one of the judges ran on stage to congratulate this amazing pair.

I personally have never been so happy in my life and truly I cried tears of joy…many times for Patty.

She always loved to dance, but when she was younger she gave it all up to take care of her family. But the passion always remained. Passion…hmmm! What an amazing thing passion is, especially in this moment.

But what about you?  What about me?  What is your passion?

Do you sing this song? “It’s too late.” “I’m to old.” “I waited too long.” ” I can’t do this and have that.”

I think the truth of the matter is, EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE IF YOU BELIEVE!!!!  Don’t let your fear decide your fate!Desire and passion are the essence of your spirit.  It is your true self, that is whispering in your ear.  Stop listening to the naysayers.  They didn’t get the vision…you did!  Find your fire!!!!

One of my favorite authors Dr. Wayne Dyer said, ” Fear is an acronym for False Evidence Appearing Real.” It usually comes from our ego.  Our fear is usually based on other people’s fear and not our own. Something to think about.

But in truth, what other people think of us is none of our business.  When there is judgement…it is usually the judgement that they feel about themselves. They are simply directing it outward.  My dad used to tell me, “when someone is accusing you with their finger pointing your way…look at their hand.  One finger is pointing at you and three fingers is pointing back at them.”

So today, I am so grateful to see, to know and to speak these words…”I am alive and passionate about living in this moment.”

Today, I get a new chance and so do you!

I am so grateful to be alive and to be in the world that I create!

Thank you Patty!!!!

I love your vortex of creation! It is INSPIRATIONAL!

Now let’s start a rampage of inspiration….spread the love!

PS…Enjoy the video of Patty and Nicko!!!

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