Manifest Monday

I am in the midst of manifestation. 

Today is a day of focus. 

In order for me to do this…I must manifest it, feel it, taste it, imagining it happening, be grateful for it to happen to me and because of it be the example for all those who care to follow in my footsteps and help them along the way. 

It is a calling…a deep seeded desire that sends me into this direction.  I am happiest when I am creating love.  Be it through the written word, a painting, a photo created from the Eye of God.  It could just be that unexpected smile I give to a stranger. 

You never know when you are the messenger of love….but being in a constant state of love keeps you prepared to shine the light of love on yourself and others as well.

In this moment, I am manifesting love…if only for myself it is created and all is well…in this moment.

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