In My Silence

What do you see in your silence?In My Silence…

Another perfect day yet again. As I walk down these scenic forest paths I find myself falling in love with Mother Earth all over.  It is a deep and abiding love that happens over and over again. Deep in the warmth of Her love.

As I walk down the path I feel so connected in my silence.  It is amazing the imagery that comes forth.  Looking up I see and feel the bliss of the sun and the warm embrace of the trees that surround me. It is as though they are embracing me with the love of the cosmos.

In my silence I hear the language of the earth.  Unencumbered with all the brilliance one can only imagine and dream of.

Did you know that the trees talk to the wind and water to the land?

In my silence I hear the angels disguised as songbirds with more love and laughter than one lifetime can experience.  This symphony is my delight, my treasure, my blessing and my inspiration.

Some may say I’m crazy and I am…crazy like a bird dancing on the breeze.

In this place I hear, I feel, I connect to all that is in unity and love.

There are no mistakes.

As I sit on the dock, I listen to the music of the water lapping the shore.  The wind dashes through the trees and across the water.  My favorite songbirds are in perfect harmony today and all is as it should be.

As I ponder the billowed clouds as they glide across the sky I thank Mother Earth for this beautiful moment in time. This perfect day of pure delight.

If you can see what I describe…feel the essence of my words…know that the wisdom and the universe is with you now…

In this moment of peace that will last forever!


One thought on “In My Silence

  1. Joyce October 23, 2012 / 12:14 AM

    I took the walk with you Donna and saw nature’s magnificence..thank you for allowing me to keep you company..

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