The Power of One-Where is your power?

I came across one of my automatic writings today and felt so powerfully to share this with you.

Today I am communing with the loving Mother Earth to meditate.

It is amazing to be in the flow of One. 

Thank you for this awe-inspiring time in my life!

Remember to be inspired and inspiring today…

The choice for you are infinite!

 We come to this earth to learn the lessons of wisdom.

Pain and suffering are part of this lesson.

It has been said by the elders, who have suffered in silence (regardless of the pain), that we are the creators of our own destiny. WE have a choice!
We choose how to live…to learn…to love.
We all start this journey with the most important love of all…the love of self.
Because within the love of self is a sacred place…it is the place where the Great Spirit resides.
This is the power that makes us One.

One with the universe… One with Love.
Spread the word of My Sacred Place…let them know it is the Love of Self.

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