Acknowledge Yourself

Where will your map take you?

What do I acknowledge about myself today?

I am much stronger than I thought I was…I have the strength to suffer and to learn. I am able to accomplish my goals and to be creative. I am a loving, giving person and I am able to forgive, even when I thought I could not.

I am able to love unconditionally. To give all of myself, as I watch others do the same.
I am my shadow. I am learning that everyday from my shadow. She has gifts I need to be wise. Her fear is my courage. I am now able to see the difference and we help each other.

Do I fear?  Yes…as we all do, but each day I become stronger as we face them together. Do I get angry? Yes! But I recognize this as my shadow…I acknowledge her as myself and I pray to be kinder and gentler.

I am not always perfect, but I am good enough for today.

Am I loveable? Yes! I am that strong shoulder that my friends and family can lean on and depend on in their times of their needs and I know I have that in return.

I know that I am blessed! I see it in every moment, in every miracle, in every right place at the right time…I see angels and God smiling at me!

For all these traits that I possess, for all the missteps I have taken, for all the choices that I have made (good, bad or indifferent), I have created this wonderful map that I call life.

I have lived and continue to live a magical life!

It is a beautiful story and with it are many blessings, many lessons and most importantly many adventures.

We all have a choice, a map, a life that is seen by each and every one of us.

How do you choose to view yours?

One thought on “Acknowledge Yourself

  1. Joyce October 21, 2012 / 2:22 AM

    Way to go Sweet Lady,, this is a great start.. ❤ Hugs and Love ,, Joyce


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