The Rainstorm

Yesterday was a rainout. But that’s what happens before the rainbow comes! 

In most cases I would have been disappointed, but I wasn’t. I learned the following…

  1. I have found a new and beautiful place to find serenity and peace
  2. I learned new tools on how to utilize my cameras! Yeah!
  3. I found peace in the midst of the raindrops that fell into my lap. 

I am finding that going with the flow of life isn’t as hard as most would think or at least not me.  The important thing to remember is leaving two things out of the equation…

Expectations and Ego. 

So many times I have been hurt and/or disappointed when things don’t go my way.  I am now finding that letting things go the way of the flow is so much more fruitful and delightful! I am grateful to be able to have the eyes of The Creator and knowing that this timing is so much more important than my own.

So much beauty comes from coming from this place.

Sometimes we should all wonder…Where will my flow take me?

Remember…the possibilities are infinite! Namaste ❤

One thought on “The Rainstorm

  1. Joyce October 22, 2012 / 9:09 PM

    So like the darker page,, it is so much easier for me to read,, great job Donna,, love your blog..


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