My Hero

Funny thing happened to the way to the coffee this morning…

I’ve been doggie sitting my Vienna (a little chuwennie) and two cats decided to jump my patio wall and wage war on each other.  My little Vienna did her doggie duty and went crazy by the sliding glass doors.  Those two cats were knocking over my planters and basically tearing up the place…so I let Vienna out! Nothing morbid happened, but she and her big self esteem chased them out of the patio!  She was so proud of herself!

She was wagging her tail and jumping all around!  Big smile on her face and digging all the accolades and petting that was coming her way from me! (As well as doggie treats)

This was an awesome day for Vienna!

It made me think…

What stopping me from being exactly who I am?

Vienna had no expectations of treats or accolades from me.  She saw the challenge and did what was natural with no second thoughts and in her own action she found gratification in being her natural self.

No expectations…No fear!

So now I choose to live my life with the same ferocity as Vienna.

What an awesome way to live life!

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